CCG firmly understand that any great creativity will still be plain without appropriate presentation. In order to realise each great idea with perfection we had even established our own advertising studio.

CCG has integrated top quality production resources worldwide with globalised-vision, not only built firm contacts with renowned international TVC directors and actors, but also set up own database of landscapes, props and characters,etc., to achieve high level of implementation and management capabilities.

we have produced hundreds of TVC over the years with different styles and presentation forms, and dozens of which have been awarded both domestically and internationally, and more importantly we have create great value of brand dissemination for our clients.

CCG is also capable of 3D model and video production, which is a leading technology within the advertising industry.

From initial data processing, rebuild lost module data and car modularisation processing,to any visible material settings and basic mechanical animation production, CCG has already successfully serviced whole design cycles for several vehicles for model upgrade and parts adjustment.

business fields: TVC filming, post-production, drawing design for automobile, TVC grade animation production for automobile, video production for automobile launch event, 3D contents design for website use, App production for car sales, introduction video of automobile’s product feature, etc.