Dear CCG friends, family, those currently viewing our website and interested in joining us,

Over the past 15 years, Cross Communication Group (“CCG”) has been living by such principles that surpass what is expected of an ordinary advertising company. Instead, we are determined to equip ourselves with the ability to provide one-stopsolutions for our clients by integrating cross-industry brand communication and superior marketing-related resources. This was our original intention, our driving force and what continues to make us who we are today.

Externally, we are committed to developing ourselves into a one-stop service partner that will truly break limitations, integrate resources, and customize solutions upon the requirements of different brands, rather than merely being an advertising production factory with various job positions and business.

Internally, we have not only abandoned the traditional criterion that each staff member is required to be responsible for their own duties,but we encourage professional development by making the best of our staff’s individual talents. This allows them to achieve different tasks on an open platform without boundaries, ensuring our professionals continue to evolve and succeed. Our staff can freely speak out their ideas and thoughts.

Entrepreneurial, ambitious, willing to roll up our sleeves and break limitations, let’s make our dreams come true!

Shirley Sun, President of CCG