Be the walker and dancer of life. Don't stop.


One month ago, CCG relocated from Daning International Business Center to Huatai Hongqiao Center, opening the strategy of Hongqiao. This is the junction between Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, and it is closer to customers.

Walking into the first floor, we can see the C Caffee cafe and Mr Flower, which are employees’ own startup. The lounge area gathers a lot of energetic employees and forms a great social space.




Over the past 15 years, a girl majoring in science, has vowed to create a local 4A company in China, from several people to 600 people, from renting offices to owning its own independent office buildings. All these has been achieved. She worked with Vice President Ren Qiong to make CCG's business hundreds of millions of dollars. She was born and bred in Shanghai. Fashion, charm, vitality and Shanghai styles are integrated. Her abundant hobbies and positive energy in her spare time show the special qualities of a female entrepreneur. She is Ms. Sun Guijuan, chairwoman of CCG. At the end of 2018, let's listen to her story.

Keep pace with the times in life, for if you don't advance, you will retreat.

CCG was founded in 2003 and entered the ranks of 4A Company ten years later. Under the leadership of Chairman Sun Guijuan, it has become a large online and offline integrated marketing group and a high-quality platform for many advertisers to pursue their dreams. Sun persevered in practice and became a walker and dancer of life.


In addition to being a conscientious female entrepreneur in the workplace, Sun doesn’t stop moving forward in life: "Keep pace with the times in life, for if you don't advance, you will retreat." Therefore, she has many new identities in the process of continuous progress and practice. Among them, I have to mention that she is the president of Lingxiu Club of Antai EMBA, Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Shirley Sun has been president for the fourth year. She spent a lot of time, energy and money in order to make it better. Lingxiu Club includes Yue Dance Club, Oil Painting Class, Literature and Art Club and Women Pioneer Club. In the future, Sun Dong is going to lead other members to set up a drama club.


The original intention of the establishment of Lingxiu Club is to help women broaden their horizons of life, improve their self-worth, set up a spiritual banner of female leadership, and contribute women's strength to the society.

Only when you are responsible can you be trusted by others.

"I've always been a sportsman, because I know a little bit of all kinds of sports. I went to the Gobi Walking Challenge once, in the dune wind, dozens of kilometers of journey. It was difficult to walk and such a lonely journey, but it was unforgettable.

Sun shared the experience of her trip to the Gobi at the annual meeting. It may be hard to imagine how a person can take care of everything like a captain under such tough conditions without personally passing by. Everyone who walks through the Gobi will complete a rebirth, leaving sweat and tears in the desert Gobi, bringing spiritual sublimation and friendship back to the real world.


From her stories, we admire her abilities and get some inspiration from her: for an excellent entrepreneur, personal responsibilities are reflected in all aspects. Not only in front of enterprises and employees, in life and social activities, everyone needs to learn to be a responsible person, because only in this way, people will trust you.


Pass on positive energy to young people and work together to be solid self-disciplined people

In sports, in addition to the gym, Sun will choose different ways to exercise, such as running, yoga, dancing and so on. In her opinion, the reason for persisting in doing these things is that people should cherish life and the present.

Now many people say that it's difficult to keep exercising every day. Sun thinks, "It's not so difficult. As long as you persist, it can become a habit. Just like in the work, if you persist when you encounter difficulties, you will make it.

So she has always encouraged the group to pay attention to the physical fitness of employees: to set up badminton teams, football teams and basketball teams for employees. Now the gym is on schedule. Companies are willing to spend money on friendship games for their employees. After all, it's a good way to be healthy and satisfy young people.

As we all know, the work and life of advertising workers are always on standby. "Young people in our industry are overdrawing their youth, sometimes because of work pressure, sometimes because they do not attach importance to it." In Sun's opinion, her life is actually very simple; sometimes it is just, customers, companies, home, gym. It seems a little dull, but really healthy.

Therefore, Sun's real intention is that employees can live and work as healthy as herself every day: "We hope to transmit to young people a correct and healthy work and life style, so that everyone can become a solid and self-disciplined person together."