Lighting up This Moment, CCG Mid-Autumn Fair was Successfully Held


 In order to thank members for their support to the work of the trade union and to create a warm and pleasant Mid-Autumn reunion atmosphere for employees, CCG Trade Union held a "Mid-Autumn & National Day Fair 2019" in the afternoon of September 11th in a small theater. Trade union chairmen, committee members, representatives and members gathered together to promote friendship and celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival.



The conference was presided over by CCG Trade Union Chairman  Aileen Qiu who delivered a speech: the progress and development of trade unions cannot be separated from the support of members. On this Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish you all a happy holiday, and a comprehensive review of the activities carried out by trade unions this year.

Of course, it is also essential for our trade union representatives to share their feedback.


As a representative of the Yoga Club, Ms. Ren Qiong, Vice President of CCG, shared her insistence on exercising: Yoga can keep you straight and upright, it can give you powerful energy to support yourself and the ability to export positive energy to the people around you, and the teachers employed are also professionally qualified, which is precisely the details of the work of the trade union. It also puts forward expectations and requirements for the future work of trade unions in the direction of public welfare.


CCG basketball team won the championship in the "2nd CITIC Bank Daning Cup Invitational Competition" not long ago. Keven, vice president of the trade union, hereby distributed a pair of Jordan's "war boots" to the basketball players to show encouragement and recognition. Basketball team captain Wells also shared his post-match experience with you!

Another mysterious guest sent a congratulatory telegram through on-site connection on that day: Ms. Sun Guijuan, chairman of CCG, said, "All the basketball team's partners and our organization's partners, cheers for you! We are an invincible team. The braver we are, the more we can carry forward such spirit and go farther and farther on the road to success. 


Connected with Shirley Sun 

Badminton team representatives share a successful case of losing weight through badminton, encouraging more members to actively participate in sports.

Different from the past, in order to activate the atmosphere of this party, we have prepared delicate snacks and flower arrangement salons.


Thousands of miles to convey thoughts

People get together like a full moon


You're not alone at CCG

Feel the warmth and joy from around

Hand in hand is reunion.

To make dream come true

It's possible with you.

What a big dream

Let's light it up together.