CCG Pays a Visit to Huawei


Huawei has earned 520 billion in 2016, surpassing IBM and ranking in the top 75among Fortune 500. Today, CCG managers visited Huawei University, with a reputation of being a ‘military academy of Chinese companies’, to learn about their talent development and management system. We found that with regards to Huawei’s management, we have a lot in common.


First, we all put “customer-oriented” as priority. Huawei has been dedicated to creating values for customers for 28 years. CCG was a company with only several staff in the beginning, but today it has developed into a company with branches at home and abroad, Always adhering to the principle of “Customers are the center, be dedicated to them”. CCG has established a strategic and cooperative relationship with clients for many years. 


Second, Huawei has set up a mechanism to share profits with staff; so has CCG. Ms. Ren – the founder of CCG – only leaves herself 1.4% of the stock and shares the rest with CCG staff. Huawei hopes to build an open ICT ecosphere to develop its business. However, Huawei will only take 1% and leave the rest to its partners. 65 awards from 8 categories were given out to our outstanding staff during our 2016 CCG Annual Meeting, showing the CCG team that their efforts are rewarded and appreciated.


Third, the core of Huawei’s talent cultivating mechanism is to break limitations caused by positions and specialties. Huawei trains its staff in an all-round way through shifting their position. The lecturers in Huawei told us that they all started with basic jobs and took different positions to guarantee strong comprehensive abilities.


The president of CCG – Ms. Sun Guijuan – said during the annual meeting that since its establishment, CCG has been committed to integrating brand communication and marketing resources, focusing on different fields instead of just becoming an ordinary advertising company. This is now our driving force and what makes us who we are today. We encourage our staff to bring their strengths into full play for the better future of the company. We have abandoned official standards and encourage starting up new businesses internally. Our staff can freely speak out their ideas and thoughts, which once are accepted, we promise to use all resources to help them make dreams come true. 


Today’s CCG needs to reform like China did 30 years ago. We hope that managers can summarize problems from within their departments and inspire staff in order to keep the company strong and developing. Rolling up our sleeves, together we will march toward a better future in 2017!