Bring Earthly Joys into the Land of Idyllic Beauty

During the Ching Ming holidays, CCG management team came to Jinyun, Zhejiang, and regained their original mind in the mountains and waters, and comprehensively arranged the direction of work in 2018.

CCG management team paid a visit to Zhejiang CHR Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. (stockcode:833115), formerly known as Jinyun County High-tech Machinery Manufacturing Limited, which is a “national high-tech enterprise” dedicated in high-end broaching machine, Composite machine tool and intelligent complete equipment for industrial robot application, and also a major partner of multinational corporations and famous domestic enterprises. "International Management + Chinese manufacturing technology" surprised everyone. In terms of technological innovation, cultural development and personnel training, we were deeply influenced by all aspects.

Chairman Lin was once an excellent doctor in Department of orthopedics. He deeply moved us from his determination and perseverance of abandoning medicine for research and his sense of social responsibility as a private entrepreneur. In order to improve the artistic appreciation of the residents in the town, the company has launched free libraries. Despite different industry, their advocating the cultural essence of "Man is great for dreams" is consistent with CCG’s. Our domestic enterprises are working hard for intelligent manufacturing in China to break the international technical barriers and fill the gap in domestic technology. It is fully confirmed that no matter which industry is, only "innovative" can be able to lead the industry at any time.


Ambition is easy to set up, but the goal is difficult. The harvest is equal to the pay. The management team was deeply touched after the visit.  The quarterly summary had discussed late night at two o'clock. Each department made a profound summary of the first quarter work, and emphasized that CCG would deepen "international thinking + localization insight", adhere to "to create, not follow", and continue to use innovation to drive new content to face the challenges brought by the industry trend in 2018. Degrees lead the industry. Advertisers' lives are more than singing and dancing. The key to winning is ALL IN.

The advertiser's life and work are always with a tired heart, but they stumble and persist. Under the warm hospitality of Chairman Lin, we took a leisurely look here to see green hills, clear water, green grass and blue sky and paid a visit to the wooden beams and stones. The simple spiritual and cultural meaning here made us unload heavy psychological precautions and recall the pure innocence of pursuing dreams at the beginning. From slow, understanding speed; From the foot, understand freedom; From the summary, plan the future. "

There is always a windy morning; There is always a warm afternoon; There is always a gorgeous evening; There is always a meteor night. Seize every moment and face every yesterday, today and tomorrow. CCG, like a shelter, provides us with opportunities and platforms. The hope did not widen the distance, but brought us closer and closer.