Go with the style—Launching Meeting of Brand-new Buick Regal Covering 24 Cities was Satisfactorily


Launching meeting of brand-new Buick Regal had covered 24 nationwide cities and lasted for one month since July. Finally it was satisfactorily completed in Beijing. The launching of new Regal is an important piece of chess in the layout of mid-high end market, which can promote the upgrading of joint-venture brands in the mid-high end market. As the integrated marketing service provider of this launching meeting, CCG make sure that each link is perfect, whether is the planning idea of the launching, selection of location, the landing implementation, or online digital marketing. CCG won praise from all walks of life because of rigorous working style, tacit cooperation among the departments, and strong ability of integration marketing.

Every launching meeting wouldn't have led the trend without the creativity and hardworking of Activities Department Ⅲ. The concept of “Go with the style” was completely presented and the most fashionable trend was explained all over the country; With the mixture of music and dance, new car exhibition showed vitality and elegance; The most intimate contact, the most realistic perception, listening to the voice of the owner...... From one city to another, we can see the spark of wisdom of CCG term all over the country; From a launching meeting to another, we can see the twinkling lights of CCG team in each stage.

The success of this 24-city launching meeting is the achievements of both experience of many years and flashing inspiration and creativity of CCG. Rome was not built in one day. CCG will always go forward and lead the trends.