SAIC Volkswagen PHIDEON “Masterspedia” Media Communication Conference was Successfully Held



During Aug 28th to Sep 1st, SAIC Volkswagen PHIDEON “Masterspedia” media communication conference was being held in Qingdao. Nearly 60 media came to this is city known as the "Oriental Switzerland". In the company of Phideon and various masters, everyone felt the PHIDEON's low-key luxury and its unique "master" in design.


Activities DepartmentⅠwas in charge of this test drive. Everywhere is the embodiment of the quality and efficiency of CCG in the activity project management, from the scene design, route planning, process design, to brand exhibition, vehicle arrangement and management, and activities landing execution. 


Approaches to Phideon

You must know the origin of a car before you know the car.

We have a car seminar here for the media.

Let the media intuitively understand why Phideon is known as "the doer of the C class car" through three main elements including "Brand Talk", "Product Talk" and "Interactive Experience".


After the media entered the main venue, the first thing to see was Phideon shown cars, and the details design exhibition area of after the car.


When media entered, we prepared the photo backplane of physical and hand-painted drawings with Phideon for the media, and folding fans with China characteristics and the word of "Masterpedia". Highlighting the brilliance is in line with the Chinese, especially the wisdom of the high-end business people in China.


“Band Talk” and “Product Talk” was the part that professional lecturer explain the market and product positioning of Phideon, and its unique design concept and process of the product.



The "Interactive Experience" was separated into two areas which were Nappa leather interaction and public quality appreciation.

In the work area, media can carry out the interactive experience of leather products, and make their own "PHIDEON" Nappa leather key buckle by themselves. Feel the exquisite craftsmanship of the product and get a unique souvenir made by hand.



Keeping the car in a low noise and comfortable environment is another manifestation of elegance. In the public quality appreciation area, we have prepared a display of Phideon silent glass for the media to show the high quality craftwork of Phideon.


Get into Phideon

Feel the connotation of “master” Phideon and search for the road of master. 


The test drive routine from Qingdao to Yantai covered city roads, highway section, country trail, etc. Let media feel different charm brought by Phideonn in the different sections.


Deep into Phideon


From “Approach to Phideon” ,“Get into Phideon” to “Deep into Phideon”. Finally, we invited media to experience the charm of Chinese culture together. Under the narration of the Sinology teacher, we savored the product value and product positioning of Phideon.