Skoda New Octavia Family Leads to a New Tide With the Help of CCG


In August 22, 2017, the ceremony of SAIC Skoda brand 10th anniversary and the launching of new Octavia family was held successfully. Hundreds of media and franchisers gathered together in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center to recall the achievements of Skoda in these ten years and witness the official launching of new Octavia family. The launching of new Octavia family injected fresh blood for Skoda, which marks the success of Skoda in these ten years in China.


As the Integrated marketing service provider of this launching, CCG undertook lots of important tasks including creative planning, on-site implementation, activity management, digital marketing and so on in the activities. Every job was to strive for perfection, to provide customers with the best service, to bring the best experience for the guests. The success of the launching ceremony fully reflected the strength of CCG’s cross-border integrated communication, and the media and  customers had a great deal of praise for the ceremony.


Activities Department Ⅲ, whose experience in large launching meeting is very rich, was in charge of everything of this launching ceremony. Special process design, precise implementation, perfect overall control, meticulous details......Members of Activities Department Ⅲ of CCG professionally showed the spirit of pursuing quality and excellence in this activity.


The launching ceremony climaxed continuously; exquisite performances were beyond compare; colorful opening caught everyone’s eyes; the debut of new car was like a shining star.


“Travel with dream” of Zhuang Xinyan pepped up the atmosphere, echoing “Yearn for the road, let the feelings out.” of the new Octavia camper.


Yan Rujing, Huang Zhizhong and other famous debater from “Let’s Talk” delivered the amazing qualities of new car in a relax and humorous way with “New Octavia family Saying”.


Every performance represented the creativity of members of Activities Department Ⅲ. Not only did they present the best visual effects, but also satisfied the needs of clients, delivering the information of new car in the most attracting way.

Fevaways and Eta under CCG were in charge of the online advertising this activity. The official website of Skoda, Weibo, WeChat, writing propaganda manuscript on vertical media, making auto social short video, all of these were from two departments’ cooperation. They created the most attracting materials with the best ideas, interpreting "Yearning for the road”. This cross-sector cooperation realized the high standard, efficiency and quality of online advertising, which was the external strength reflection of CCG.