CCG Badminton Team Won The Silver Medal In Men's Doubles of 2017 China 4A Badminton Tournament


In August 20, 2017 China 4A Badminton Tournament ended in a satisfactory way in Jingan Stadium. After several rounds of fierce group and elimination competition, CCG badminton team overcame all the difficulties in the way to the final. Standing out in 15 companies and over 60 players, CCG won the silver medal in men's doubles.

In this tournament, every member in CCG badminton team was sparing no efforts with sweat, laughter, cooperation, hardworking, friendship and competition. The players staged wonderful games one after another, delivering the sports spirit of "Friendship comes to first, competition comes to second" and showing the vitality and mien of CCG advertisers in front of 4A companions.

Since the establishment the end of last year, the CCG badminton team has held a collective event every week. The badminton club is set up to provide a platform for employees to keep fit and promote friendship. Hope more people can strike a proper balance between work and rest in the spare time of work, enhance physical quality and win the honor of the company at the same time.

Through badminton, CCG and other 4A companions had a pleasant communication and contest. The silver medal in men's doubles is not the destination, because CCG badminton team will not stop the pace of progress, and so will the growth of CCG! This is not just the spirit of the advertiser; it is also the spirit of CCG! We are looking forward to the wonderful development of the next 4A badminton game, and seeing players struggling again!