Media test-drive event of SAIC Skoda has been held successfully


Follow your heart. Life is not only what you can see, but also among mountains and sea. Let your body and soul feel going forward and beautiful times.


“Enjoy the Landscape and Yearn for the Road” media test-drive event of new Octavia family of SAIC Skoda has been held successfully from July 31st to August 13th in 2017 in Dalian. 300 media from all over the country came to this romantic city.


Activities DepartmentⅠwas in charge of this whole event. The good job of CCG in activities management can be reflected in activity planning, creative design, activity execution and other aspects.

A life of longing starts with exquisite details.

The site layout created a positive and energetic atmosphere, which presented the lifestyle that SAIC Skoda wanted to deliver to the media.


The huge picture of the vintage car not only had the sense of visual impact, but also showed the hundred-year feelings and charm of Skoda.


There were three situation display areas which were “Understand car”, “Understand life” and “Understand quality”. The media were surrounded by quality life culture of new Octavia family through the static display and interpretation of craftsmen.


“Understand car”——Interest is the best reason to study, which needs serious and professional attitude.

Not only did the display area present the hundred-year history of Skoda, but also the wall of the car trunk showed camper culture that new Octavia family delivered.

Meanwhile, WeChat print service was also set up so that media could real-time upload their film work and printed. Use the material on the table by hand to create their own pocket book and record the good time with new Octavia family together.

“Understand life”——Enjoy spending times with family and experience the life together.

The European flower arrangement creation of florist made people think about the love and wonderfulness of life.


“Understand quality”——Persist in your views and taste to life and seek a sense of style and quality that matches it.

The scene shows the mosaic of European jewelry and the unique taste and style of artisans crafting. 


Identify the intentions of activities from the quality of detail. Even the drinking mineral water were excellent choice without exception.


In the outdoor exhibition area, the careful arrangement in the trunk not only reflected the amazing space of the product, but also showed a lively lifestyle and an open mind to the new emotional experience.

Always go forward and yearn on the road.

In order to make the media feel healthy and energetic, we had prepared a wealth of brand experience activities for the media——outdoor yoga, cycling, night running and sailing experience.

In the castle's garden of air, we were surrounded by green grass, feeling the purity of nature and meditating.


All the media were riding in the Xinghai Square, the largest city square in Asia, accompanied by the slightly moist sea breeze, riding coach and convoy of new Octavia travel car.


The night screen had hung down when the evening lights were lit. Happy, free, unrestrained running let us free of the mental and physical burdens of work.


Swarms of seagulls were flying over the pier. Follow your heart with sunshine, sails and sea.


Everyone communicated and shared with a light heart in the afternoon, having exquisite European tea.

The media also successfully explained the passphrase on T-shirts, and formed  Yearn-For-The-Road team. Joy and gaiety filled the air.


“Enjoy the Landscape and Yearn for the Road”

Cross the bridge at a great speed, leaving the shimmering blue sea behind.


Every European style building was telling a full story.

The sky and the sea were slowly split, and the sea breeze played mysterious rhythm, taking away the body's heat and inner impetuous.

Everything is just fine.

They seem easy but actually not.

It is because we never stop when yearning for the road.