Team of Saleen was Praised which is the Application of He Han ’sayings


In the proposal meeting of Saleen this week, the perfect proposal, come from creative team of Saleen, was praised by clients then and there! It attributed the success to not only the big shots but also freshmen in the team. These freshmen believes He Han’sayings, one of which is “Walking your own road; Overcoming difficulties by yourself; Only if you did everything by yourself, you could get reborn.” And they made it! Why don’t we get to know more about them, about the stories behind the proposal? 


Creativity Group

ART Sugar

Sugar was responsible for assisting GCD to extend KV and she worked overtime for many nights and weekends. In addition, she was in charge of a very important OPTION composition in PPT in the second proposal. The team members were very surprised by that the frame was like cartoon, which could explain a whole story. She was very remarkable and respected by everyone else.

COPY Chris

Chris is good at writing proses, and his literary rhetoric is very awesome. He often writes copy even during weekends, and modifies every copy lots of times. In the team of Saleen, he independently finished a copy of TVC and virus video. He is also a big shot of translations, who is pursuing the perfection all the time. Besides, he can also use PS to do some key design sketches. As the saying of He Han goes, “You should consider replacing anyone at first, then you can consider that nobody can replace you.” The versatility of Chris makes him can be qualified for more works.


SCW Zoey

As a senior SCW, Zoey strictly controlled the work time and workload from writing, BRIEF illustrator doing storyboards to being presented as PPT. With the guidance of “He Han”, she adjusted her words flexibly and was praised by clients with applause at the time of the proposal. He Han said, “Before actual combat, you must rehearse to rule out all possible accidents.” This proposal can be successful without the abundant preparation and the warm-up of teammates. 


Creativity Service Group

Nanan——a beautiful and hardworking girl

The night before proposal, Nanan stayed up all night to make a script of viral video into a motion board. She looked for an illustrator to find the material to make sure that the script can be used in the PPT of the proposal in time. She fulfills her duty and strives for a win-win situation all the time.

Ling —— a young but professional AE

Ling is in charge of communicating with clients and feedbacks the latest possess timely. He can rationally and fluently answer questions in the face of a lot of clients, just like what He Han said——“You must care about clients all the time, feel what they feel, and stay with them.” On the day of proposal, he came to the company early in the morning, filing and editing all the results of the team to ensure the proposal to go smoothly in the afternoon.


“He Han” of CCG

Kylin——Director of strategic group, “He Han” of CCG

Kylin is a key figure of strategic group just like He Han. In addition to being responsible for the core work of the project, he also conducted much guidance to these freshmen, helping them solve all kinds of problems and providing valuable experience for their growth. It’s a pleasure of both freshmen and clients to meet Kylin.

This is only what we can see. But there are still places we can’t see. The efforts of these freshmen are unimaginable. We believe that these young forces can definitely make a team better!