CCG Won the Title of“The Best Practical Learning Corporation”


On July 17th, 2017, as the pioneer enterprise of Spiritual Wealth Club Enterprise Edition, CCG was honored with the title of “The Best Practical Learning Corporation” by Spiritual Wealth Club. Spiritual Wealth Club Enterprise Edition expects that CCG can go farther on the road to "build a lightweight learning corporation ".


CCG has been devoted to making the corporation into a learning organization through advanced managing ideas to create the core competitiveness. The advanced managing ideas reflect in two aspects. On the one hand, CCG focuses on cultivating excellent staff, provides learning platform for some elite employees for free, helps them to consolidate the learning outcomes and structurally develop themselves to the professional field. Gradually, a corporate culture of strong learning atmosphere has been established. On the other hand, the transmission of excellent learning spirit has set a good example for these post-90s in company to guide the young to fight for being the elite staff, stimulate their motive power, and grow with the company together.

The honor of “The Best Practical Learning Corporation” is the recognition to the advance of managing ideas and the efforts of the cultivation for employees of CCG. There is no doubt that all employees in the company will always make progress in this corporate culture.