CCG is the Shooting Location Of First Half of My Life


After half a year, First Half of My Life, shot at CCG, is about to broadcast tonight! Are you looking forward to seeing your company and colleagues on TV?

First Half of My Life is adapted from Yi Shu's novel of the same name. The story put emphasis on the growth of character, stick to the topic of “No fear for the future, no missing for the past”.


The work part of First Half of My Life was shot at CCG. When watching this TV series, we can feel a full sense of pride. We always admired the role of the company working in a beautiful environment. Now it’s our turn.

The entrance of CCG has a beautiful waterfall. We can be contaminated with a little art during the work.

(The waterfall appeared at the gate of company in the TV series)

There's always a crew coming to CCG. It's not a dream to meet a celebrity at work.

(The crew is shooting at CCG)

After a day's busy work and returning home, everyone turn on the TV to watch First Half of My Life. While we capture the familiar scenes or colleagues in the play, the moment of life becomes wonderful.

First Half of My Life accompanies you today; CCG accompanies you on the road of dreaming in the future.