CCG was of Great Assistance to 2017 Shanghai “HQYEM ”Cup Equestrianism Open Tournament


2017 Shanghai “HQYEM” Cup Equestrianism Open Tournament, hosted by Shanghai Sports Bureau has been held in HQYEM club for 3 days. As the sponsor partner, CCG has participated in this event.


This event, held for the first time, was sponsored by school and corporation cooperatively. Through this competition, more and more corporations deepen their understanding of equestrianism, mobilize the enthusiasm of to participate in it, and use the strength of corporations to promote the development of equestrianism in the future.

CCG always advocates the diversified service concept of the cross-trade integration. The sponsorship was to promote popularization, development, communication and overall level of youth equestrianism in Shanghai to standardize the rules of City Sports Meeting. Shirley Sun, chairman of CCG, always regards the spirit of equestrianism as an advertising model for learning, which is to climb constantly.