Orange Storm was Coming CCG Won the Championship of 4A Football Game Again


Yesterday, 4A Football Game was finished in Sea Treasure Sports Park. Six teams from famous advertising agencies presented us a wonderful competition. After 2 group matches and one final match, CCG won the defending championship.

【The Way of Defending Champion】

The first match CCG 5 : 0 Ogilvy


The second match CCG 5:3 OldBoy


The final match CCG 1:0 McCANN

CCG football team won the championship of 4A football game again


People of the same trade go from online to offline and communicate more with each other through football! Football has witnessed the pure friendship between men.

Shirley Sun, chairman of CCG, expressed congratulation after knowing good news. She said, “As a busy adpersonin, everyone in CCG can strike a proper balance between work and rest. They participated in physical exercise and earned honor for company at the same time. Their competitiveness and effort showed their spirit and vitality. Only when the forward and the full back work effectively with coordination can the victory be won, which is also the spirit of CCG!