“Think more clearly & Express more precisely” ——Internal Sharing Meeting was Successfully Held


The growth of every employee has always been the focal point of CCG. This afternoon, CCG invited Rodney, a senior advertising planner, to expound how to improve skills of proposal and how to do an efficient brainstorming. All seats are occupied. 


The content included the most effective skills to send information to customers when making proposals, how to strengthen logical association in PowerPoint, and how to communicate with customers more efficiently to attain positive profits.

Through systematic learning, everyone was encouraged to think rationally and deeply during work, and use tools reasonably to make everything have rules to follow. At the end of this meeting, employees discussed on problems they had met in work with Rodney.

CCG organizes this kind of internal cultivation regularly in order to develop a group who has great learning power. Combining theory and practice, every employee can get plenty of exercise and growth in CCG.