The inner declaration conference of SKODA KODIAQ achieved the successful ending with the assistance


The inner declaration conference of SKODA KODIAQ was staged fervently in the SAIC Volkswagen from May 15th to May 24th, 2017. The event“Experience with you” of KODIAQ covered 8 major areas and business buildings, and attracted thousands of SAIC employees to attend. Activities Department Ⅲ Of CCG undertook this event. The design had great originality; games were rich and interesting; the atmosphere was fiery; high popularity and strong repercussions was aroused.


Feeling love with you

7 major highlights of the product were hidden in KODIAQ 's mysterious QR code. Interact in games and scan the code to light it. Find the place making you feel love.


Feeling distance with you

Experience finding freedom attentively and experience capturing imagination enthusiastically.

Work does trap you, but KODIAQ can pursue the freedom with you in the virtual world towards the distance.


Feeling warm with you

After a busy day, KODIAQ accompany you home, which is the exclusive accompaniment for lucky you. You are not alone on the way home.

KODIAQ will also send famous cates to you, such as Heytea & Master Bao. Warming your heart doesn’t need any reason.

Everything we experienced together

would be a part of our life