Auto Shanghai was inaugurated! SKODA KODIAQ was surprisingly launched!


SKODA of SAIC announced that KODIAQ was launched formally, and unveiled the official guiding prices of 6 motor types at the 17th Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition in April, 19, 2017. As a fully functional SUV, KODIAQ has the extraordinary significance to SKODA. It perfects the product layout in Chinese market and starts the new journey of SKODA SUV strategy. This time, from SKODA brand creative planning, digital marketing and content marketing to booth design, building management and activities execution, each part was strictly controlled to demand perfection by CCG, and won the praise of customers and medias.


CCG used to customize “Yeti——We are brothers”, “Rapid Spaceback——Never kidding you”, and other famous cases for SKODA. This time, the core point which ETA of CCG adopted for KODIAQ is that “The things that touch you most and matter to you most have already made the best arrangement in your life.” The team even went to Spain for shooting.

“It's really not easy” is the brand-new slogan of SKODA, which also belongs to the team EWOM of SKODA. KODIAQ is the most important motor type of SKODA of SAIC in 2017. It is described as “the most valuable medium-size SUV” in the professional reputation.


The night before the launch conference of KODIAQ, everyone in the team was preparing the communication materials. From the previous overall planning, to the contrast of competition products, releasing mass manuscripts, monitoring and controlling public opinions, coordination of media resources, arrangements of test-driving vehicles, as well as the product force communication and media cooperation of later stage, every task embodied the painstaking efforts of team members.


Activities Department Ⅲ of CCG were still responsible for the planning and execution of this event, and they continued the high-standard operation requirements of CCG. It is another great example of trans-department cooperation after the launch of PHIDEON