Brand-new MG E-motion Conceptual Supercar Showed at Auto Shanghai!


MG E-motion Conceptual Supercar of SAIC was first released in the 17th Shanghai International Auto Industry Exhibition in April, 19, 2017. Based on the brand-new design idea——“Perceptual Design”, MG E-motion is the very first pure electric conceptual vehicle. It is also a masterpiece to return to the field of roadster since MG TF little roadster has been released years ago. Its official debut represented the real return of this brand.

Think China of CCG undertook the communication of originality and content. All the content of every channel were orchestrated, from thematic planning, creative posters, to the communication videos; from the official website, official Weibo, moments of WeChat, to the industry media.

Communication background:

The launch of the MG E-MOTION at Auto Shanghai, adding the attention of ZS, promoted perceptual design and further strengthen the design of MG new family.

Communication requires:

1.      Attract users’ attention through the concept car, and deepen the users’ understanding of the MG design concept

2.      Finally improve the sale of MG ZS vehicles and its reputation, and give publicity to the highlights of product.

3.      Further consolidate the national reputation of the MG ZS, and enhance the power of the brand.

Communication planning:

Through the analysis of the communication requirements, the creative team will soon put attention to ZS national reputation. In fact, MG is always the national brand in the glorious history of it, and in accordance with those shining moments in the history, it is walking in the forefront of the times all the time. Well, now we had ZS, concept car and history that couldn’t be more perfect. The strategy was quickly set the tone. Through such a combined attack, not only we made up for the shortage of MG brand force, but also it could satisfy the central requirements of Auto Shanghai. The next task is to interpret this creative strategy. The creative team focused on the concept of “nation”, based on the "national tide car ". MG was a famous British national brand. It had countless classic models, which were well received and praised by the Royal. These historical anecdotes could explain the brand evolution very well.

Today, the Internet connects the world together. MG products are reminding people that "borders" has been blurred.

When the made-in-China electric roadster, which is 100 kilometers within 4 seconds of acceleration, will be in mass production in the soon future, nationalization is not just a dream.

Mini-poster of E-MOTION Supercar 

Mini-poster of E-MOTION Supercar