Mr. Chen Xianbao, Chairman of ChaCheer, Visited CCG!


Mr. Chen Xianbao, Chairman of ChaCheer, Visited CCG on April 16th. Chairman Shirley Sun of CCG and the management warmly welcomed them and showed them around the CCG building.

After visiting, Chairman Shirley Sun, Chairman Chen and other leaders discussed on the enterprise management together. ChaCheer and CCG agree without previous consultation on enterprise management philosophy, respectively “Focus on Customer Value, Performance, and Striving” and “Crossover Integration, Customer Orientation, One-stop Service” . Hope that both sides will have further communication and cooperation in brand marketing in the future.

tbwmaxgnpxrfbhmcbkeadzxscftscywx.jpgDuring the process of communication, Chairman Chen also mentioned his own history of entrepreneurship. From “Technological innovation——create cooking fragrant sunflower seeds”, “Creativity breakthrough——the use of paper packaging bags” to “Carefully choosing channel to hold tradition and key account at the same time” , “Orientate the brand into a happy one”, ChaCheer is always keeping the unique marketing idea. But now it is the Millennial Generation, the consumption capacity of the post 90s is getting higher. The biggest problem of ChaCheer is through what kind of marketing means and ideas to satisfy this generation. As an integrated marketing communications company with more than ten years of experience, CCG has also constantly updated the latest marketing methods consistent with the changing times. Whether it is digital marketing or social communication, it has been applied to the latest customer marketing services. Chairman Chen and other peer leadership all gave compliments to integrated marketing capability of CCG, and also expressed the hope of more researches and cooperation on the brand marketing in the future.