CCG is honoured by CCTV with “AAA-level Credit Advertising Agency”


In May 19th, the credit rating ceremony of China Central Television advertising agencies in 2017 was held in CCTV Headquarters. Cross Communication Group (Shanghai Dong Jia Cultural Communication Co., Ltd.), depending on the high quality of customer service, was selected as “AAA-level Credit Advertising Agency of 2017” by CCTV advertising management centre.


The centre promulgated a regulation——Management methods of CCTV advertising agencies credit system (Trial) in May 2016, in order to maintain the order of CCTV advertising market, regulate the performance and credit management of advertising agencies, enhance the advertising effectiveness of customers and the standard of service, motivate CCTV advertising agencies to improve achievement and expand business, and strive for a win-win situation. The credits of advertising agencies are distinguished from high to low into 4 levels, which are AAAA level, AAA level, AA level and A level, in accordance with credit record of agency business, scale and duration of cooperation, undesirable record, etc.

Deputy Chief Editor of CCTV Zhang Ning, Director of Chinese Advertising Association Zhang Guohua, Director of CCTV advertising management centre Ren Xuean, and some relevant heads of CCTV programs and functional departments attended this credit rating ceremony.



It is the recognition, motivation and spur that CCG can be honoured by CCTV with “AAA-level Credit Advertising Agency”. Having been founded for more than 10 years, CCG developed from an advertising company whose scale was only a dozen people to a large-scale corporate group of cultural communication who has employed nearly six hundred employees. CCG is always insisting on the marketing concept of “Crossover Integration, Customer Orientation, One-stop Service” for customers to achieve the accumulation and precipitation of brand value with accurate insight of consumers and innovative marketing of crossover integration.