CCG New Website


Here comes the all-new CCG website!

>>>> More international

Social Style


CCG’s new website has been updated to not only be more user-friendly, but also more social. It follows new trends and utilizes an all-new website framework.



Bilingual edition is utilized to provide better service for our international clients.

Server based in Hong Kong


Server is located in Hong Kong, which ensures fast loading, increased data security and stability, and HD video streaming of previous case’s marketing materials.

>>>> More convenient and intelligent

Browser Compatibility


The new website applies browser compatibility features which enables it to be viewable and usable on all major browsers such as Chrome, IE8, 9, 10, 11, and Edge, it is also Mac and Safari compatible.

Search & Share Functions


Keyword search is added to the WORK and NEWS sections so that users can easily find the information they want. The new website is also linked to various third-party social media platforms which means sharing our news to Weibo is just one click away and so is following our official WeChat account.

Mobile Website


In addition, the mobile website is easily accessible, allowing users to visit our website anytime anywhere as long as there is Internet available. 

>>>> More in depth



The new website offers an all-round CCG introduction including the latest news and the most comprehensive case show. All these indicate our strong capacity in the advertising and marketing fields.



Recruitment information will be updated the minute there is a job opening. If you find yourself qualified, you can click “Apply now” and upload your resume. 

Every detail

Every modification

Is to provide you with better service

No matter how the world changes

We never will