Here comes “Cloud Photo Storage”


An advertising agency is where ideas and creativity have the chance to come to life. Behind every successful case are excellent concepts that our creative team has racked their brains to develop, but this creativity is not confined to a drawing board and a meeting room. Everything going on in our daily lives helps to contribute to our sense of creativity and innovation. 


Individuals involved in the advertising industry are often good at discovering the beauty of life. Our CCG members are used to posting such beauty on their social platforms. 

Some photos taken by our team~




In response, we have created our own “CCG Cloud Photo Storage” specifically for CCG photography-lovers so that they can bring their talents into full play and maximize the value of their creative works.


Every CCG member has the opportunity to upload his or her photos to our Cloud network. It is our dream that these images can be a source of inspiration for our future cases or to potentially be a part of our projects.


When files have been uploaded to the Cloud, we will ensure that all legal documents and representation such as power of attorney have been agreed upon with the creator. There will also be a certain sum of remuneration granted based on the actual usage of photos  on different channels around the world. 


Upload Instructions:

1、Visithttp://, click “Log in” and “Photographer” to register.
2、Fill in the information, read and tick <Agreement on Uploading Photos> for approval by the admin.

3、Go tohttp:// input your account and password after your information has been approved.

4、Fill in the general photo information and upload according to the requirements. After uploading, please wait for Admin approval.

We will email the detailed instructions!

We are looking forward to your photos!