This is to let you know the “Voice of the Strong’” - Teramont Launch News Report


On March 29th 2017, Teramont - SAIC-Volkswagen Flagship Full-size SUV – was launched in Wuzhen where the World Internet Conference just closed. This was a significant milestone for SAIC-Volkswagen and China’s automobile industry. CCG – SAIC-Volkswagen’s advertising agency– also played an important role in this launch ceremony, from on-site execution and event management to integrated communication, involving departments such as ATL, BTL, Digital and Filming. The CCG Team has once again proved that they are fully equipped with the experience and knowledge to execute excellent events that require integrated cross-industry communication.


Two Service Highlights for Teramont Launch Ceremony

Recommend Wuzhen as the venue. Wuzhen has attracted worldwide attention as it was the location of the World Internet Conference. Teramont is the first model in the automobile industry that was launched in Wuzhen, taking SAIC-Volkswagen only one-month to prepare for the entire event. 


Film: Teramont Everest Base Camp test-drive video. The promotional video was filmed at the Mount Everest Base Camp, which is the first video so far among all SAIC-Volkswagen models that was shot at such a high altitude.


CCG’s Events Department #3 was responsible for the execution of the launch ceremony, where the appreciation for perfection and high quality work was fully revealed in their venue selection, flow of events, stage design and management. CCG’s involvement in the consecutive launch of various SAIC-Volkswagen models such as Phideon, Tiguan L and Teramont, has made us stronger than ever. 


In addition, CCG Digital Department-Fevaways, CCG Brand Department 2-Toption and CCG Filming Department - Hyperink worked together for the impressive <The Strong’s Journey in Tibet> video.

CCG Digital Department, responsible for the digital media of the launch ceremony, has made an obvious improvement in content planning and creative performance. The team overcame challenges posed by severe environmental conditions and worked tirelessly for 20 days and nights to complete this “high” video. In addition, Toption also made great contributions to the video production in project management and overall execution. 







CCG Digital Department’s efforts to integrate the outstanding talent and resources from various departments for the integrated marketing strategy were highly appreciated by SAIC-Volkswagen leaders. 



The launch ceremony was just a prelude to the Teramont Mount Everest Test-drive Series. Marketing materials, content, and interactive activities with KOL will increasingly be released beginning in April, bringing more awareness and increasing brand volume for this model.