CCG 2019 Semi-annual Summary Conference was Held Successfully


On August 6th, 2019, the semi-annual summary meeting of CCG was held as scheduled. Shirley Sun, Chairman of the Group, Joan Ren, Vice President of the Group, senior executives of various departments of the Group, and core staff of the business department participated in the meeting.

First, the heads of the functional departments made a summary of the work in the first half of the year and a work plan for the second half of the year. Based on detailed data, they reviewed and analyzed the work accomplished in the first half of the year, and points out the direction of improvement in the second half of the year, re-established the brand positioning of CCG, to break the boundaries of various departments, improve team cohesion, and strive to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Then, with the general manager of each business department leading the core staff of the department, we summarized and discussed the operation situation in the first half of the year, combined with the current macro-market changes, the main problems CCG faces, solutions and so on, and carried out a human resources evaluation for the staff of the director-level post through the "portrait of people".

At the talent evaluation meeting, the leader of the business operation system evaluates the core subordinates, understands the current situation of the whole talent team, defines the future use and development opinions, and formulates the action plan. Through such a complete process, it also strengthened the attention of business leaders to talents, and effectively improved their ability to know and employ people. Finally, we established talent guarantee for business and stimulated talent vitality to adapt to the new business strategy.


On August 9th, the departments shared the recent cases and exchanged experiences on how to solve the problems efficiently with the improvement of customers' requirements.


With the rapid change of the whole communication environment, customer needs are increasingly pursuing efficiency and verifiability. CCG shared a former case with the director of and HePuyi Picture Business Department that faced with the examination of customer supervision, CCG team has withstood the rigorous test and coordinated through the method of project integration management and change control in all aspects of the project to achieve the expected goal and accomplished the almost impossible task. In the end, it has been unanimously affirmed and praised by supervisors and customers. This also reflects the unconstrained and super executive power of CCG people.

After listening to the sharing, Vice President Joan Ren emphasized that all departments should take solving problems as the starting point, break the boundaries of each department, cooperate and adjust the strategic deployment of each department in time according to the problem points.



The management ability and management consciousness among team leaders affect the working atmosphere of the whole team and determine the final management performance. Employees should have the spirit of active evolution, free from interference, focus on doing everything well, find fun in work, eventually find a suitable position, and devote themselves enthusiastically to work. Actively learn from excellent team management experience to prevent organizational burnout.

At the end of the meeting, Shirley Sun, the chairman of the group, made a concluding speech and made a brilliant comment on the group's work in the first half of the year. She not only affirmed the achievements, but also pointed out the shortcomings and future direction of efforts.


Ms. Sun pointed out in particular that during the four-day meeting, she was gratified to see all working towards a goal. To build the next CCG and keep pace with the development of the market, we must "enhance the creative competitiveness based on big data", "step-by-step" talent training, utilize their talents, introduce multiculturalism, enhance the international atmosphere of the group, cooperate with all functional departments, and implement the concept of "cross-border to unbounded" to every project. .



CCG always insists on improving its professionalism in an all-round way to build a team with dreams, passion, ideas and warmth. Every step we take, we need to be more confident. Believe in the power of the model, team and belief. The second half of the CCG will surely usher in fruitful results and hand in a beautiful answer.