YASHILY Brand Strategy Upgrading with Yao Chen as Global Brand Ambassador


On July 24th, YASHILY Global Brand Ambassadors' Press Conference "Gathering the Global Good for Chinese Babies" and the Launching Meeting of Slow Travel to the World were held in Shanghai 1862 Fashion and Art Center. YASHILY's partners and media friends gathered together to witness the new market changes of YASHILY brand this year.


As a national brand, YASHILY has been exploring and innovating constantly since it’s founded, and is also the representative of its creative brand in its field. This year, YASHILY International continues to transform, brand positioning is sublimated, and truly carries out the brand mission of "Gathering the Global Good for Chinese Babies". How does CCG, as the implementing partner of this event, annotate the core keywords of "Renewal" and "Good" of the 2019 YASHILY brand?


Create the quality imagination for the perfecting products

This year, YASHILY launched a new brand communication theme, "Gathering the Global Good for Chinese Babies", to interact with consumers in depth, to write good standards, to explore good sources, and to implement good ideas.

So you can clearly feel on the spot that we express the brand "good quality, good resources, good image" in many dimensions, such as site selection, star invitation, process design, product deduction and brand image.



Brand Ambassador's presence heated the scene.


New consumer perspective, innovative forms of consumer communication and brand expression are the key components of the brand renewal journey of YASHILY in 2019.

On the one hand, YASHILY invited Yao Chen to the scene and officially coroneted her as a global brand ambassador. It is because Yao Chen's persistent and diligent character conforms to YASHILY's spirit of enterprise and brand concept, encourages women in the new era not to set up frameworks and restrictions for their future, upholds the life attitude and brand philosophy of "not doing single-choice topics", and supports every mother to boldly pursue her dreams.



On the other hand, "tough man" Huang Jingyu, as the spokesman of YASHILY goat milk powder, attended the launching ceremony of the brand's cooperative reality show "Slow Travel around the World". In the form of interactive question-and-answer, the "free growth, natural love" advocated by Dora Lamb was interpreted, which also attracted enthusiastic fans.




Emotional resonance through the form of "interviews"


Outstanding female representatives: YASHILY global brand spokesperson Yao Chen, IQI Chief Marketing Officer Wang Xiangjun, Muguang Era founder CEO Gewei, YASHILY Market Management Center General Manager Luo Qi on-site discussed and shared on the topic of new women in the workplace, redefining the new standard of "women of the times" from different dimensions. It arouses resonance on the spot emotionally.



YASHILY brand belongs to the industry which is the pillar of the country or widely needed by the people's livelihood. Enterprises have the dream and mind to build top brand. As a creative, experienced, team-oriented advertising company, it is also actively exploring new directions, opening up new frontiers, creating new values, and striving to become a leader in the industry.