“There's always a new look.” Skoda Superb Media Experience Day


On July 16th, Skoda Superb Media Experience Day was successfully held at Sifang Hotel Nanjing. SAIC Skoda leaders and media friends gathered at the top international art parks to unveil the mystery of Skoda Superb.



Superb is Skoda's "high-quality car" which integrates human nature, technology and smart design. It contains Skoda's brand gene of innovation and change for more than 100 years.

In the ever-changing environment, the consumer's "resistance" to marketing is increasing. How can CCG accurately perceive the target population and use scientific and efficient marketing strategies to provide brand owners with one after another creative and landing marketing services? With this thinking, the Editor will take you into Skoda Superb Media Experience Day and you will find the answer you want.

Beginning with Insight and Perfecting with Creativity


The premise of achieving customer marketing goals is insight. Only by transforming insightful content into creativity and producing high-quality content through creativity can consumers be truly touched and resonated, and brand trust can be fostered while promoting users' spontaneous sharing.


Firstly, the unique site selection of this event is in perfect agreement with Superb's aesthetic concept of design, which contains the beauty of cultural precipitation everywhere. People can not only appreciate the beauty of contemporary art and architectural space, but also have a break away from the noise of the city and immerse in the local cultural characteristics.


At the same time, CCG relies on a comprehensive understanding of the brand and users, makes full use of time, place and user experience, and successfully establishes emotional connection with the guests in the scene marketing, improves the value and experience of users' online and offline activities, and satisfies the young people's pursuit of personalized atmosphere.

Immersive Experience

All-round five senses immersion, break through the traditional experience mode, science and technology, fun with the top audio-visual feast, highlighting the brand's light luxury quality. Through the use of large screen and desktop projection space to alternate the appearance of digital pattern effect, create the interactive effect of the screen. Superb's design appearance and product highlights can be displayed by the ingenious transformation of scenes and the combination of dynamic and static forms.

Supreme Taste Feeling


Taste Tango of the Integration of Prague and Modern Culture

Connecting Inner Feelings


Innovation of interactive form and choice of media are all marketing ways to achieve connection. Beautiful banquet arrangement, surprising appearance, interesting interactive activities, shocking lighting effects, each place is considered from the user's experience, with the high degree of technology into the beauty of design, with more intelligent solutions to convey the core brand value of Skoda "bring surprise to users".

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Result thinking, creative logic based on brand strategy and high efficiency of execution have always been the core of CCG's service spirit. With the individualization of customer groups and the change of market environment tending to be digital, how to get through the marketing industry ecology and achieve marketing goals through precise crowd orientation, creative content and execution strategy has always been the pursuit and exploration of CCG.