Welcome Teachers and Students from Communication University of Zhejiang to CCG


On June 26th, 2019, 120 teachers and students from Communication University of Zhejiang came to CCG. This visit made students familiar with the working environment in advance, understand the industry's needs to make pre-career planning in advance. It also enhanced the cooperation and exchange between CUZ and CCG.


At the meeting, Ms. Ren Qiong, Vice President of CCG, warmly welcomed the visit of the delegation. She also said that CUZ students' work performance has been well-known in the group. She thanked CUZ for providing many high-quality talents for CCG.

This year, the Group has launched the "mentor plan", which is aimed at providing effective guidance to new employees or interns. The mentors will use their professional experience to help new people improve their professional accomplishment, enrich their knowledge structure and cultivate their innovative ability. They will guide new people from the professional and life attitude, inherit the cultural spirit of CCG, and give new people good wishes.



Joan, Vice President of CCG

Secretary Song of CUZ College of Design and Art pointed out at the meeting that CCG is an enterprise that pays attention to cultural innovation and core competitiveness. CCG can provide CUZ students with an opportunity to learn and practice in summer vacation. It can help them to connect with industries, enterprises and posts in advance. It can greatly enhance their ability to participate in social competition. "Such a good working atmosphere, if I were a student, I would certainly like to join CCG!"


Secretary Song of CUZ College of Design and Art

Then, CCG representatives from the perspective of corporate culture, development process, outstanding cases, business characteristics, job requirements, etc., let people all feel and understand CCG in an all-round way, and students also show great interest in the workplace. Some questions of concern were raised on the content of the work, and the mentors patiently and carefully answered them.

At present, CCG and CUZ have established strategic cooperation between schools and enterprises, built a "direct train" for personnel training, and equipped new recruits and interns with professional mentors and logistic support, to help new people start quickly, encourage new people to develop and pursue their dreams!



CCG Representatives and CUZ Teachers and Students