Han Han and Shen Teng came to All New Polo Plus party


On June 18th, 2019, "All New Polo Plus Party" was successfully held at the Grand View Stage of Shanghai Himalayan Center. SAIC Volkswagen's leadership, dealer partners, major media, stars, fans and owners gathered in the world's top art theatres to witness the launch of All New Polo Plus.

Han Han, Shen Teng and SAIC Volkswagen leaders

With the theme of Pegasus, the popular movie during the Spring Festival, this launching explained the immortal dream of the Volkswagen's Polo plus. This event tonight was more of a Pegasus sharing-meeting for everyone than a press conference.

Members behind-the-scenes for the site operation of the event and the creative production of TVC were all from CCG, who just finished the Teramont X launching meeting in Lijiang half a month ago. Next, follow me to feel the lively atmosphere of the scene...

Those who have seen Pegasus must have been impressed by the Volkswagen Polo racing car. Zhang Chi (Shen Teng) drove it to victory over Lin Zhendong(Huang Jingyu). "Some people live with shape; others live with design; and I live with strength." This classic line is also deeply impressed in the minds of the audience. Site layout was perfectly integrated with golden sentences in movies to achieve scene marketing.

In the opening TVC of Pegasus, the prototype of SAIC Volkswagen 333 (Wang Rui, Ye Yong, Zhang Zhendong) appeared surprisingly. Three Chinese racing legends also shared with us today the exciting stories of the team. They also told us that many scenes in the film were based on real life, and that they had a close relationship with Polo.

Ye Yong (the prototype of manager in the movie)


Zhang Zhendong 333 racing-driver

The prototype of racing-driver Lin Zhendong (Huang Jingyu) in the movie


Wang Rui 333's fifth consecutive championship, racing coach,

The prototype of Zhang Chi (Shen Teng ) in movie

The movie's brilliant plot also came from the real experience of the team, and Polo is more like a member of the team than a car.


 Three people showed a prototype car damaged in the movie plot.

As a female racing driver, the guest Fan Weiwei shared her personal experience and philosophy of car selection: (beautiful, good performance) and philosophy of life (doing things with enthusiasm, being modest and humane).

Han Han, a writer, racing driver and director with the reputation of "father-in-law of the nation", shared the interesting stories of the No. 6 racing car in Zhuhai Station and POLO when filming.


Shen Teng, a famous actor, also came to the scene. As the leading actor, Shen Teng will continue to work hand in hand and become an brand ambassador of Polo. At the same time, Shen Teng and Han acknowledged the excellence of # All New Polo Plus # in the movie. Their humourous teasing and abundant body language made the audience burst into laughter.


(CCG team and clients)