Condense the Power of Pursuing Dreams with Love and Sincerity


Recently, the TV series My True Friends, starring Yang Ying, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong, is on the air. It tells the story of Cheng Zhenzhen (Yang Ying), an intern broker of "Love and Home" real estate, Shao Pengcheng (Deng Lun) and Jing Ran (Zhu Yilong), an interior designer.



I believe the real estate agency in the play will impress you very deeply. Architecture is cold, but home is not. The feeling between people is the key to "home". If every family living in a house is happy and warm, it is the best. This is the positive energy that the play wants to convey to the audience.

Similarly, an enterprise should be a "true friend" with its employees, and establish a new employment relationship that is conducive to mutual investment, mutual trust and mutual benefit. This relationship is based on love and sincerity, which emphasizes the ability to win-win, develop together and add value to each other. In reality, CCG make everyone experience the joy and sense of belonging in work through a series of real and warm corporate culture.

(Scenery in the play: CCG former office building)

Implement the "Group Medical Insurance Welfare Plan"

 According to the data released by CIICHR, 71% of enterprises now say they are facing problems caused by poor physical and mental health of employees. Modern science and technology industry, service industry and other fields have become a common industry of occupational disease violation. Many office white-collar workers suffer from "new occupational diseases", including lumbar and cervical spondylosis diseases, endocrine diseases, fatigue syndrome and so on.

In order to make employees have better insurance benefits, the group specially implements the "Group Medical Insurance Welfare Plan" for employees who have been in the company over one year. Its most direct purpose is to provide employees with more comprehensive medical insurance and to put the care for employees into practice.

In this plan, medical benefits such as outpatient and emergency medical insurance, hospitalization medical insurance, hospitalization allowance insurance, female maternity insurance, death insurance and major disease insurance are all covered. The main application is the Ping An Claims System, which is easy to operate. Claims materials can be delivered through the 24-hour insurance claims collection box, or can be submitted in person on the day of the door-to-door service. The notification of claims results is mainly in the form of e-mail, messages, telephone, face-to-face communication and so on. All the considerations are comprehensive.

This can not only enhance the cohesion and loyalty within the enterprise, but also highlight the image of caring for employees and humanized management. On the other hand, for employees, their health at work is better guaranteed. They can safely formulate a plan of action to improve their life, work and health, which can reduce the incidence of illness and medical expenditure in the future, and help improve their health. The actual needs of various types of employees are all considered, which is very humane.

Overseas Outing with Family Peers

CCG attaches great importance to the construction of staff cohesion, as well as the complementarity and integration of various teams. Therefore, every year, overseas outing is a platform for CCG employees to relax and broaden their horizons regularly. This benefit is even better this year than any previous years. Excellent employees in this period can enjoy the opportunity to bring a family member with them. On the one hand, we thank the family members for their support and understanding of the work of the CCG, and further enhance their understanding of the CCG. We can feel the strong positive energy of the CCG team from zero distance, make the whole journey more exciting and warm, and let the travel light up more creative inspiration.



(The first group photo in Dubai this year)

Establish Trade Unions to Promote Labor Relations


CCG set up a group trade union in July 2018. With the "trade union" as the carrier, CCG organizes various cultural, educational, sports and tourism activities to promote the healthy and orderly development of the company. Let employees truly experience "love" and "warmth" after work.

 Promote the Growth of Newcomer with "Mentor Program"


In the face of new employees, in addition to the previous training policies for new employees, the Group recently launched a "Mentor Program", which specifically directs new employees or interns in the group to become "true friends". Mentors will use their own professional experience, sincerity and patience to help new people improve their professional quality, enrich their knowledge structure and cultivate their innovative ability, and guide new people from the professional and human ecology, so as to achieve positive incentives within the group.



(First Team of Mentors of CCG )


CCG believes that talents are the core of an enterprise, and corporate welfare reflects the concern and love from the group. In CCG, you do not have to fight alone. We sincerely make "true friends" with employees. Full of energy for every young man with a dream!