Teramont X Launching Ceremony Held Successfully with Assistance of CCG


On May 28th, 2019, Teramont X, the world's first Coupe SUV, was successfully launched near Yulong Snow Mountain in Lijiang. SAIC Volkswagen's leaders, dealer partners, media and KOLs, car owners and friends gathered at the Impression Theatre at 3100 meters above sea level (the highest launching meeting so far) to witness the soul resonance between Teramont X and the natural beauty.

Teramont X is the first flagship luxury sport SUV of SAIC Volkswagen. It integrates sport luxury styling, technology of the flagship of Volkswagen brand, and comfort space. It overturns the traditional market recognition of the same level SUV, and defines the brand-new benchmark of the large flagship SUV of SAIC Volkswagen.

 Teramont X was born for the modern strong who pursued innovation and changes. They achieve independent personality with wisdom and strength, draw energy from the unknown, achieve self-breakthrough, and inject unprecedented possibilities into the world.

The operational team responsible for this launching meeting is also a "strong army" - CCG Activity Division. With the experience of 100 large-scale events and innovative creative dimension, they take the initiative to advance, embrace new technologies and innovations, constantly complete challenges, and create a launching meeting with international standards again. The scene is shocking!

“Impression Lijiang” is a cultural treasure beyond art. It transcends the definition of landscape beyond the form of nature, breaks the category of art beyond the meaning of humanity, blends the universes, sublimates the beauty of Yulong Snow Mountain to a higher level, and integrates landscape, culture, design, science and technology as well as performing arts. It breaks the restriction of theatre, and makes the sky, the earth and the people integrated in the open world, while each other's beauty shows a stronger force, which can be sublimated in the fusion. This is the perfect interpretation of Teramont X's spirit by the series of impressions: "Breaking through the definition of rules, beyond the boundaries of imagination."

With the momentum of drums and earthquakes in the sky, we can feel the strong air field of Teramont X closely with the background of Yulong Snow Mountain.

With respect and reverence for nature and the reality and shock of life, a prayer ceremony was held on the scene.

Video of lanuching meeting

(Please watch it in the WiFi environment)


Challenges make life interesting, while fulfilling them makes life meaningful. The day before the event, Lijiang Meteorological Observatory issued a Yellow Warning of Strong Convection. For a large outdoor activity, in thunder and lightning, gale, hail and heavy rainfall in bad weather, CCG team and customer partners rehearsed again and again to make full plans for today's activities, to ensure that the activities can be carried out smoothly in any environment. Thank you for your trust in us. Come along with the glory of the storm. CCG firmly believes that the people who have dreams will shine brightly!



(CCG Activity Team with Clients)