Be "True Friends" with Employees; "Mentor Plan" help you Grow in the Workplace


 The TV series "My True Friend" with Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yilong, Xu Di, Tan Kai, Ni Dahong in it officially went on the air on the evening of May 19th. The drama tells a warm story of a group of strangers who come together because they buy, sell and rent houses. They were strangers and misunderstood each other at first, and then they gradually put down their guard and pursued their dreams and love together in big cities. 

In this drama, the frequently appeared office area is located in the former CCG office building, which is also the scene of many other well-known TV dramas, such as the TV drama "My First Half Life" and so on.

(My True Friend was filmed earlier in CCG)


The corporate culture of the housing agency company in this drama is not positive. After receiving the complaint call, the leader of Baby shirks his responsibility. He not only thinks that the loss of the notebook is a trivial matter, but also dismisses the customer service staff who reasoned for the parties directly. It's sad to see the negative way of treating customers and employees.



But in reality, the corporate culture of CCG is quite supported by employees. Group management clearly knows how to manage and treat employees. As an advertising company dedicated to providing one-stop integrated marketing services, CCG has always focused on the group's cultural innovation and core competitiveness, hoping to form a learning, respectful and competitive excellent cultural atmosphere within the group.

CCG has launched a series of strategies for the new round of recruiting talents and cultivating new talents, and carried out the grounded talent cultivation thoroughly. On the one hand, as early as April, the Group signed school-enterprise cooperation and personnel training agreement with Zhejiang Media College. With such initial cooperation, the two sides can promote each other and complement each other's strengths on the core issues of personnel training. After that, the group also intends to optimize school-enterprise cooperation projects by means of subject competitions, regular lectures and direct recommendation from professional teachers. On the other hand, the group will directly recruit students. At the end of May, two campus recruitment fairs will be held in the hope of providing suitable employment posts for new graduates and injecting fresh blood into the group.

In addition to the above school-enterprise cooperation plans and school recruitment plans, facing the upcoming interns or new employees, the group focuses on the introduction of "mentor plan", which is aimed at effectively guiding new employees or interns in the group, so that the mentors and new employees can become true friends. Teachers will use their own professional experience, sincerity and patience to help new people improve their professional quality, enrich their knowledge structure and cultivate their innovative ability, and guide new people from the profession and attitudes toward life, so as to achieve positive incentives within the group.

Recently, President Sun and Vice President Ren of CCG Group awarded the first group of mentors of CCG and officially launched the "mentor plan" and "new employees training plan". Ms. Sun said: "In order to make the group talents develop well, it is necessary to help the newcomers effectively improve their professional quality, enrich their knowledge structure and cultivate their innovative ability from the beginning."


In CCG's mentor plan, the senior members who are excellent and experienced in the team and have professional guidance ability are selected as mentors, and the division of labor is detailed according to their functions like creativity, strategy, activities and so on. Each mentor only takes three or four new interns to help them in their work, thinking and life. Such a plan to cultivate fresh blood can be regarded as an internal activation from the perspective of group culture, which has a positive impact on the whole corporate culture of the group.

It is very necessary for the interns to have a mentor to take care of them when they enter the workplace. When you just enter the workplace, you may feel confused about your career planning and career development direction at the beginning. So through the guidance of mentors, we can broaden our horizons, improve professional skills, tap their potential and quickly find their own direction of development, take many detours in the workplace, but also more able to explore multiple development possibilities. According to the personality characteristics of talents, the group carries out targeted training to build a professional foundation for new workers in the workplace. At the same time, the Group has provided logistical support such as collective dormitory for the interns to solve the worries of the sprint in the workplace.


(First Team of Teachers of CCG)

For mentors, as the practitioners of CCG Group's dreams and values, they are confident in their professional fields and have rich experience. The new members of the group need their experiences, thinking ways and failure lessons. The position of the mentors determines a higher vision. They can qualitatively impart the students' professional accomplishment, professional skills, personnel and other knowledge, as well as solve the perplexities of their life or career development direction.


Of course, teachers cannot stop their own pace of learning and progress, to learn together, exchange, understand young and fresh ideas, which also helps to improve their personal work. After the implementation of the mentor plan, the group will conduct the selection of gold-medal mentors. This honor will also be helpful to their own career, but it also represents that the group will be more stringent on the requirements of the mentors.

This is an era of heroes and wisdom. Only by activating each individual and making the organization creative can we create value on the common platform.