"My True Friends" Went on the Air Baby, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong annotate "Home is where love is”


The TV series "My True Friend" with Angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yilong, Xu Di, Tan Kai, Ni Dahong in it officially went on the air on the evening of May 19th. I can't help wondering how powerful these fans are.。


The drama tells a warm story of a group of strangers who come together because they buy, sell and rent houses. They were strangers and misunderstood each other at first, and then they gradually put down their guard and pursued their dreams and love together in big cities. The plot not only focuses on the various situations surrounding the house in the current society, but also reflects the unique family culture of the Chinese people from the side.


Many audiences call "My True Friends" as "Lucky Drama", because in the process of shooting and post-production, many actors in the play have been rapidly increasing popularity because of the broadcast of different dramas. Zhu Yilong, the No. 2 male actor, suddenly rose to the forefront. After the shooting, Deng Lun, the hero, became very popular. Before broadcasting, Ni Dahong had become a new popular actor because of the role of Su Daqiang, together with Ms. Xue Zhenzhu (Xu Di's role) who had been popular on the Internet before, and Angelababy, who had a good reputation. They brought together so many popular actors in a play, and now it has become a hot topic for netizens to discuss.

Angelababy's office in this "Lucky Drama" was set in the former CCG office building . Today, I'm going to take you all together to learn about the daily life of the film set. (Does this scene seem familiar? Luo Zijun in My First Half Life also worked here.

"It's a very happy process to try to figure out your words, actions, and voices over and over again, and then try to help you fulfill your great dreams." Baby, who spent all the debris time studying scripts, was particularly pretty.

(Former CCG office area)

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Come and watch the play, okay ?