Dream pursuit is ceaseless, and creativity has no boundaries!


Advertising is an industry full of sense of achievement. The sense of achievement that each work was born is incomparable to many other industries. Every advertiser has a different side, sometimes vigorous, sometimes silent.


Every advertiser pursues the attitude of "breaking the conventions and borders constantly", which is also the corporate value that CCG always adheres to. Based on this cultural concept, Think China plays a leading and leading role in the group.

Business system covers Online + Offline

Think China is a case-by-case service brand of CCG. It serves many automobile brands, spanning passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trucks and other fields, and provides comprehensive cross-border integrated services across all areas of the advertising industry.

Online business includes one-stop solutions such as brand strategy, advertising creativity, digital marketing, communication planning, etc. Off-line business includes  large-scale auto show, tour and event planning, production, operation and management services.



Think China won the award of "Excellent Supplier of SAIC" in 2018


The management system dares to be open to the elite


In addition to the main functions of tea and dinner, Think China's interactive leisure area takes the rest area as a space for discussion and brainstorming, full of creative elements from life everywhere, increasing the occurrence of communication and interaction.

In addition, the interactive area will announce the brain storms project from time to time, whether you are AE or janitor, ART or COPY, ATL or BTL, as long as you have IDEA, please speak it out bravely.



Think China believes that creativity is around us, and through unbounded internal communication, creativity will eventually be linked together to create a team of creative, focused and collaborative dreams, stimulate more creativity, and further promote cross-departmental and cross-functional integration and interaction.

CCG firmly believes that everyone is a treasure to be excavated. Only by daring to try and explore, can we create one wonderful role after another. Life itself is a fascinating process, when we want to try and explore, we may as well be bold, with a firm and original heart, in the transformation of growth. With curiosity, meet the sun every day and every creative challenge!