The 2019 SAIC Volkswagen T-Cross Launching Ceremony was successfully held


On April 11th, 2019, SAIC Volkswagen T-Cross Launching Ceremony was successfully held at the International Show Centre in Yishang Town, Hangzhou. Nearly 700 people including SAIC Volkswagen leaders, dealer partners, major media and KOLs gathered here to witness the official start of the dynamic journey of T-Cross.

Over the past nine years, SAIC Volkswagen has been fully aware of the evolution of users lifestyle and constantly enriched the SUV product matrix to meet the diverse needs of consumers. The glorious appearance of SAIC Volkswagen's new product, T-Cross, not only made SAIC Volkswagen take the lead in completing the distribution of SUV market segments among joint venture brands, but also injected brilliant youth into the SUV family.

With the accumulation of hundreds of large-scale activities, CCG has once again created an international-level launching meeting with strong operational capacity, innovative ideas, and rich communication resources, which has also won high recognition from customers and guests.


Video of launching meeting

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The outfield design combines the LED screen with the venue as the exposure of KV and other pictures, drawing on T-Cross front face modeling, to create a more dynamic design.


The preface hall takes the city element as the design idea, creates the site's own pillar into a towering image, exploring in the city atmosphere heartily, and strengthening the concept of urban explorers.

The feeling of the cinema matches the theme exhibition of flying life. Through the collision of colors and the layout of scenery, T-Cross's youth and vitality are more vividly displayed. Geometric appearance and dynamic audio-visual equipment project pure and clear young genes.


The design of the bar and the setting make the bar area look younger.

KPL has gradually become a young people's life attitude, as the brand sponsor of "King Glory" of blockbuster IP, combined with T-Cross to create exclusive King's Land.


The performers of the opening show and the space are illusory, showing different combinations of space with colorful colors.


"Happy twist" was invited to create an exclusive performance for T-Cross, which triggered the explosion. At the same time, the performances are interspersed with T-Cross product points and KPL links, so that more diverse products are displayed in front of guests, which increases the sense of fun on the stage, and makes the performance more innovative.

CCG always insists on professionalism and innovation, grasps the new trend of media and communication, accurately locates the value of different communication channels, through efficient internal collaboration makes service more flexible, and establishes professionalism and improves communication efficiency, helping our customers to complete more valuable brand communication activities.


CCG Team and Clients