School-enterprise cooperation opens a new chapter, cultivating talents and consolidating development


On April 11th, CCG signed a cooperation agreement with Communication University of Zhejiang on school-enterprise cooperation and education, and licensed to build a "talent training practice base". This is another project for CCG to implement talent cultivation. Both sides will promote each other and complement each other's strengths in solving the core issues of talent cultivation.


At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Song of Zhejiang Academy of Design and Art first welcomed the representatives of CCG and hoped to build a platform between schools and enterprises to promote in-depth cooperation. Then, Secretary Song introduced the general situation of the college, professional settings, teaching staff, practical teaching and internationalization of talent cultivation to enterprise representatives. He pointed out that CUZ has always paid attention to the quality of teaching and the cultivation of students' comprehensive quality. He expects to deepen the integration of production and education and achieve win-win development through in-depth cooperation with CCG.


Ms. Ren Qiong, Vice President of CCG, also delivered a speech. While thanking the leaders of CUZ for their thoughtful arrangements and warm reception, she shared the excellent performance of CUZ students in CCG and fully affirmed the good reputation of CUZ students. It is hoped that the establishment of CUZ talent training base will be the starting point for further expanding cooperation, actively exploring new ideas of combining production with learning, and exploring new methods of talent cultivation. It is believed that the arrival of new forces will bring new vitality and ideas to CCG.

Ms. Ren also stressed that the establishment of this internship base is of far-reaching significance to both CCG and CUZ. It not only builds a "train" for enterprises to train talents, but also provides a platform for CUZ graduates to practice in employment and enhance their ability to participate in social competition. Only by allowing students to dock industries, enterprises and posts in advance, can they meet the needs of talents in emerging industries, seize the commanding heights of competition, seize the initiative of development, and carry out this cooperation.



Subsequently, a licensing ceremony of "CCG-CUZ Talent Training Practice Base" was held. President Ren and Secretary Song gave each other a plaque of the practice base, which indicated that CCG and CUZ would establish a base integrating theory teaching and practice teaching through the mode of "co-training teachers", "co-management of training process" and "co-construction of teaching classroom", so as to promote sound interaction and common development between schools and enterprises.

After the licensing ceremony, CCG held a symposium on employment with university teachers. At the meeting, CCG further discussed with teachers how to make excellent interns "useful, retainable and developable". We believe that with the gradual expansion of market share and the continuous development of business, it is particularly important to establish a high-quality, high-level team. The future development of the company cannot be separated from the support of talents. The establishment of school-enterprise cooperation has also broadened the source of high-level and highly educated talents for CCG.



Teachers expressed the hope that they could organize students to visit enterprises and practice during the winter and summer holidays, so that students can understand the specific work of marketing, strategy and design in advance, which is of great help to students' winter and summer vacation arrangements, as well as to familiarize themselves with the work content in advance.


In the afternoon, CUZ also invited CCG representatives to give a lecture for the students who are about to enter the society. Through the detailed understanding of CCG and case sharing, students have deepened their understanding of the advertising industry and work process, and students have expressed their hope that more such teaching methods will be held in the future.

I hope that students will actively make use of the platform built by CUZ and CCG, study hard, constantly improve yourselves, and bring your intelligence into full play in future jobs, so as to contribute to the sustained, stable, healthy and rapid development of CCG.