Official Announcement MG Carffe is about to enter CCG


With the popularity of the Internet and the continuous innovation of business models, brand owners have begun cross-bordering. From tradition to modernity, from the East to the West, cross-border has represented the integration of a new sharp attitude towards life and aesthetic way.


The essence of cross-border is integration. At the level of automobile brand marketing, multi-channel and full-mode integrated marketing with digitization and scene as the main line has the best opportunity. Recently, MG has thrown olive branches to CCG, a marketing strategic partner. MG Carffe brand will soon be stationed in CCG building, which will add creativity and inspiration to advertisers' work and life.

Speaking of MG, I believe that friends who like automobiles know it very well. This 100-year automobile brand from Britain has led the fashion trend of automobiles since its birth.

In Britain, the birthplace of MG, coffee culture has taken root, and together with French coffee, it has dominated Europe for hundreds of years. If we want to find a car brand to link British style and coffee closely, but also with a deep car culture, I believe that MG will jump out of many people's minds.


 MG Carffe is the best brand of cross-border coffee for automobiles

 2018.9 Nanjing's First MG Carffe Soft Opening

 2019.2 Shanghai’s First MG Carffe Soft Opening

 Self-developed coffee products, enter the British Embassy as a gift of companionship

MG Carffe has been an active brand since its establishment in 2018. Adhering to the brand spirit of MG always YOUNG, it provides social platform for young people as the main theme, a comprehensive platform integrating car experience, coffee dessert, simulator experience and interactive communication.

CCG, as MG's Leader Agency, specializes in automotive marketing. In this strategic cooperation, MG does not follow the conventional routine, but tailors its clothes according to the brand tone and product itself, and carries out precise positioning. On the one hand, it aims at advertisers, who make a living by creativity. On the other hand, it originates from innovative genes and resource integration ability in CCG corporate culture, which coincides with MG Carffe brand concept.

 This time, MG is no longer a car, but an ambassador who conveys automobile culture. Whether it is the poster of MG on the wall or the model of MG on the wall, it is full of strong English rock and roll style. MG Carffe Theme Store will take coffee as its carrier, revolve around the concept of always YOUNG, carry out layout modification and high-quality joint products, stand together with users in higher dimensions, and inject new vitality into the brand.



 MG Carffet Special Drink

MG Top Quality

At the same time, MG Carffe also improves the comfort of employees' leisure areas and the fashion of new office buildings. Traditionally and innovatively, MG Carffe creates a new and better working life style: when people enjoy the delicious coffee, they can appreciate the unique automobile culture from MG.

In addition, MG Carffe also identifies the young people's high points, seizes the advertiser's own curiosity about new things, and adds the interactive experience device of the unmanned coffee machine. Communicate with younger groups with brand concept and deepen MG's brand tonality. For advertising companies, the interesting office environment can not only enhance the sense of belonging of employees, but also provide great value for the communication of group brand marketing. 

MG Carffe Unmanned Coffee Machine


For this strategic cooperation, the leaders of both sides also highly affirmed that it is a very good attempt of activating the brand culture of both sides. From the areas of content, product and operation, the boundaries of cooperation have been extended to the greatest extent. In the cooperation, we not only expose the brand simply, but also create interesting interactive content by deeply tapping the marketing value of IP cooperation, embodying the brand tonality and touching consumers in many dimensions, which brings many inspirations for brand cross-border marketing.


CCG firmly believes that this is an era of win-win cooperation, resource sharing and complementary advantages, and that opening up can lead to development. We look forward to more information exchange with our customers and partners, and explore a diversified cooperation model.


Pease look forward to more information!