CCG is honoured with “CCTV AAAA-level Credit Advertising Agency”


On March 4th, CCTV Advertising Management Center held the credit rating ceremony of China Central Television advertising agencies at CCTV Headquarters. CCG won the honorary title “CCTV AAAA-level Credit Advertising Agency” for its professional and comprehensive media resources operation and marketing innovation.


It is reported that 26 advertising companies were awarded the honor of CCTV 4A advertising agency and 24 advertising companies were awarded the honor of CCTV 3A advertising agency. The companies that can be awarded are excellent enterprises in CCTV advertising market. They represent the development level of China's advertising industry and have made positive contributions to Chinese brand communication and marketing.


Nowadays, profound changes have taken place in media structure, public opinion, audience, and communication technology. In 2018 CCG made use of the World Cup to actively explore and optimize the allocation of resources under CCTV's increasing platform influence and breakthrough of market share. Thanks to the support and help of CCTV and all the cooperating customers. CCG insists on empowering its customers with CCTV authority to help them grow and create long-term brand value. CCG vigorously advocates cross-sectoral and cross-regional collaboration and promotes further innovation of comprehensive integrated marketing services.


As a state-level media, CCTV has a strict censorship system for advertising content, and its authority and credibility are the preferred platform for excellent corporate brand communication. In the future, CCG will continue to cooperate closely with CCTV, innovate, explore the optimal solutions of brand strategy and communication, and effectively solve the problem of customer brand communication.