Second meeting of the First CCG Staff's Congress was Held Successfully


In the afternoon of January 22nd, the Second meeting of the First CCG Staff's Congress was organized in the conference room on the 3rd floor of CCG Building.


There were 44 people present at this meeting which were more than two-thirds of the staff representatives. The meeting was attended by representatives of employees of CCG and its subsidiaries. Ms. Qiu Huizhong, Chairperson of the Trade Union Committee of CCG, presided over the meeting.


In order to build a harmonious labor relationship, promote the standardization and orderliness of enterprise management, further unify CCG employees' thoughts and actions, and adapt to current policies, laws and regulations, Ms. Qiu Huizhong, read out the Employee Manual 2019, and revised and explained the vacation system, attendance system and code of employees in enterprises, and asked all staff representatives to study and strive to create a good working atmosphere. The report was considered and voted unanimously by the representatives of the staff and workers participating in the meeting.

In 2019, CCG will strengthen the promotion of corporate culture, expand its business field and achieve better and greater development.