CCG was commended by SAIC's excellent suppliers


On January 25th, the 2018 SAIC Supplier Conference was solemnly held in Ningde, Fujian Province. Ningde government leaders, supplier representatives, as well as SAIC leaders and relevant business leaders participated in the meeting. CCG won the honor of "outstanding supplier of SAIC" last year. This year, CCG made a great progress and won the honor of "excellent supplier of SAIC" and was awarded a Roewe ERX5.



At the meeting, the leadership of SAIC summarized the overall performance of suppliers in 2018, audit and supervision, tender management, etc. Thank many high-quality suppliers for their outstanding efforts, and emphasize that SAIC will continue to deepen the level of cooperation with high-quality suppliers, work together to explore the direction of development of the industry and market, strive to innovate, and build a harmonious, win-win long-term strategic cooperative development situation.

Ms. Sun Guijuan, chairwoman of CCG, attended the meeting in person and expressed her appreciation for the cooperation with SAIC for many years. The relationship between Party A and Party B is a community of destiny, which should support each other. SAIC is a very high quality Party A. In 2019, we hope to face the difficulties together, practice our internal skills, seize every opportunity to seize the market, and win every battle.


Of course, what is more proud of is that this conference is operated by CCG. Looking back on 2018, the project of "MG Beijing Automobile Exhibition 2018" served by the team was also rated as "Excellent Event 2018" by Shanghai Advertising Association. Behind these achievements are brilliant chapters written by every CCG with sweat and wisdom.

Through continuous pioneering and enterprising, the team achieves ecological coordination and occupies the key link of the value chain in the supply chain, and creates more "win-win chains" for each other. At the same time, it receives unanimous praise from customers through its own efforts and forward-looking layout. The management of the group immediately decided to award the Roewe ERX5 to the whole team.


CCG firmly believes that this is an era of win-win cooperation, resource sharing and complementary advantages, and that opening up can lead to development. We look forward to more information exchanges with customers and partners, explore diversified modes of cooperation, continue to forgive the original intention in the future, maintain the spirit of ingenuity, and achieve leapfrog development with professionalism and quality.