New Year's Day|Best wishes from CCG


2018 means that CCG has gone through 15 years. This year, we have a full harvest, and have the privilege to join hands with you sincerely to witness the friendship. Every time we work, we feel together; every time we serve, we immerse ourselves in enjoyment.

With the entry of CCG into Hongqiao in 2019, it is also in line with the national strategic plan. Taking hongqiao as the core to radiate the economic development of the Yangtze River Delta will become the starting point of CCG's new strategy in the future and the new vigor of the Group. We will strive to continuously enhance each employee's own value, pursue the true spirit of professionalism and contribution, unite in work, life and mentality, and take a more down-to-earth development path. Create good learning, gather beliefs, believe in the power of trust, and make dreams come true!

New Year's Day, CCG wishes everyone, in the New Year, the dream will come true, and the inner lights are bright, feel good and happy!