CCG won the Gold Award of Volkswagen Efficiency Award with Lavida's Launching Communication



November 22, Beijing

4th Volkswagen Marketing Communication Award

All New Lavida won the highest prize in the competition: the Gold Prize.

All New Lavida, which is serviced by CCG, won the Gold Efficiency Award at the award ceremony of Volkswagen in 2018. This is the third gold award CCG has won for four consecutive years. CCG is the best service provider in the field of automotive integrated marketing.



Over the past ten years, it has set many unprecedented records in the automotive market:

The fastest sales of the joint venture brand with over 3 million of volume;

For five consecutive years, it has won the championship in sales of single model among Joint Venture brand.


Class A Car Market is a battleground for strategists, so the challenge faced by All New Lavida's marketing and dissemination is unprecedented. Every CCG member participating in Lavida project and SAIC Volkswagen customers work together to face the challenge calmly!

Project challenges:

All-round renovation of products and brands, establish a new brand image.

Communication audience and insight:

In the background of the new era of "consumption upgrading", the mainstream consumers who borned in 1980s dare to show their preferences and break through the original stereotype and the boundaries of their consumption. People's demands for life go further.

 Dissemination of information:

High-end A-class driving brings a good driving experience.


Brand Advocacy:

Lavida brand is the representative of "life car" in the eyes of consumers. Therefore, we focus on how to continue and sublimate brand equity.

"Life moves forward" is our deep insight and precise grasp of the mainstream automobile consumption demand in China. With the consumption upgrading, people are eager to get a higher level of life and work and realize the expression of personal value.


All New Lavida  Launch Video

(Please watch it in WiFi environment)


 Communication implementation:

Full-dimension marketing is carried out around "Life move forward". In order to let consumers quickly understand our car and our brand concept, we used multi-channel full-network exposure, in the online and offline, achieved good results, and made full use of official Wechat, KOL, APP and other social channels. Media exposure, microblog topic reading, media attention, Baidu search and so on are showing a hot trend. On April 9, All New Lavida appeared for the first time in official Weibo, which even set a reading record for the SAIC Volkswagen.


After All New Lavida went on the market, it continued the legend and glory of Lavida brand and consolidated the leading position of A-class car market in China.