2018 Best Alumni Activity Award of ACEM, SJTU, won by Elite Women's Forum


On December 23th, Antai College of Economics and Management, Jiaotong University "Alumni and Organizational Selection 2018" unveiled! Sponsored by EMBA Women's Club Lingxiuhui and co-sponsored by CCG, the Elite Women's Summit Forum won the Best Alumni Activity Award in 2018.


The award is designed to encourage alumni activities that have had a wide and good impact. In this selection, nearly 50 projects have been submitted. After strict examination and centralized evaluation by the Academy's evaluation committee, the final awards were "Annual Personal Achievement Award", "Annual Innovation and Entrepreneurship Award", "Annual Social Responsibility Award", "Annual Thinking Award" and "Annual Best Alumni Activity Award".

The forum has invited guests from all walks of life and attracted more than 300 participants. Discussing the opportunities and challenges for women in the current era from a cross-industry and all-field perspective, giving advice and inspiration to growing women, encouraging all women to take the courage to move forward, driving and leading the "Women's Age". It is also one of the Centennial Festival activities.

The forum was coordinated by CCG and Antai EMBA Marketing Department. From material propaganda, activity planning, site layout and other links, we have received positive feedback from school leaders, guests and alumni. Driven by the guests, the atmosphere of the conference hall exudes a strong "female power".

At the meeting, Ms. Sun Guijuan, chairman of CCG, chairman of Antai EMBA Lingxiuhui, and alumnus of Antai EMBA, Jiaotong University, said: In this era, social progress and tolerance have opened up for women, and women from the political to the business world are constantly showing the world their unique leadership ability and personal charm.

As the chairman of CCG and the president of EMBA Lingxiuhui, Ms. Sun Guijuan has both corporate and social responsibilities. Since its development, CCG has been an integrated communication group with more than 600 employees worldwide. CCG is also one of the largest and most professional brands in the field of automobile advertising and public relations in China. In 2019, CCG people will continue to persevere in their dreams, make unremitting efforts to realize their self-value!