CCG: All Marketing Are Customer-Centered


On the evening of October 31, All New Passat, with 11 models, and Tharu, a new car with six models, were launched in Kunming. At the launching meeting, the influence of these two brands has risen rapidly. All New Passat is full of youthful and technological flavor. Tharu also perfectly interprets the sense of strength and momentum. CCG (Cross Communication Group) is a major contributor to this launching Campaiagn of Volkswagen. Whether it is the service system of digital communication or offline activity management, CCG shows the king's demeanor in the field of integrated marketing.



The whole market environment, the media environment, the product environment, and people's attitudes towards new things are all changing, but CCG remains unchanged. "All marketing is customer-centered, and always adhere to effective communication effect for customers."

If an enterprise wants to continue to develop well, it is absolutely inseparable from customer satisfaction. CCG has always adhered to its customer-oriented business philosophy, and treat customers with a win-win cooperation and common growth of the enterprise purpose.

CCG has made many efforts in order to win more market opportunities and to implement and meet the needs of customers.


Sincerely communicate with customers and innovate for customers

Sincerity can be seen as a kind of transposition thinking. In behavior, it shows whether we are sincere to treat customers, whether we can move customers with the firm working process, so as to gain the trust and understanding of customers, and ultimately do a good job for each customer. "Friendship is more important than business," said Sun Guijuan, chairman of CCG. Therefore, she always insists on keeping good communication with customers directly, showing the utmost sincerity and respect to customers. For the different needs of different customers, each team will keep negotiating and communicating with customers throughout the process, to meet customer needs with the most ssincere attitude, so that the service does not leave defects.

CCG won the "2018 11th ROI Festival Creative Proxy Nomination Award" with the work of Gran Lavida –Only If. This is a demonstration of CCG being able to obtain authoritative affirmation. CCG team not only does the work required by customers well, but also does the work as an individual fulfilment, actively innovates, and contributes their greatest wisdom in every marketing case. When making marketing activities for Buick, in order to reflect Buick's noble and exclusive car use needs and car service experience, at the mid-2008 Buick Conference, CCG's activity department combined Buick's corporate culture with the current fashion trend, created a personalized activity process, and strived to make each part the most perfect interactive experience.

Patiently running in with customers and carefully serving them

Plato once said, "Patience is the foundation of all wisdom and intelligence." Patience with customers is the most foolish thing, which can easily lead to the loss of the best opportunities for cooperation. Marketing services face different customers, who will always have different personalities and different preferences. Nevertheless, CCG employees will start with small details, patiently guide and run in. 

In the process of integrated dissemination for New Santana, from MV "Life Style" to singing contest, not only social marketing has been given "empathy" and "sense of substitution", but also target audiences have been enabled to experience empathy.  CCG team has accurately conveyed New Santana's "Live Earnestly" brand attitude and evoked emotional resonance.

At the launch of Volkswagen Tharu and Al New Passat, CCG also upgraded the brand tone of different models. CCG team communicated with all parties patiently, explored and planned many times, and kept up with the social trend.


Carefulness is the best reward for customers, because a small mistake may bring great loss to customers. People don't want that. Carefulness in every marketing service can always reduce the error and bring added value to customers rather than loss. CCG emphasizes carefulness in every aspect of SAIC Volkswagen's marketing and dissemination. From brand planning, channel planning, landing execution to service support, CCG is a powerful and careful integrated marketing service provider, providing all-round protection.

As Chairman Shirley Sun said, “Business is temporary, but friendship is long-term. All marketing should be customer-centered, which is the right way.”