CCG "Golden Partners": Two Heroines Hold up the Sky


Recently, the CCG 2017 Annual Conference also known as the 15th Anniversary Celebration was held in Shanghai. CCG leaders at all levels, heads of global business departments and hundreds of employees of CCG are gathered here. Under the host of Joan Ren, Vice President, Shirley Sun, chairman of the Group, and the general managers of various business departments around the world jointly participated in a unique talk show, which opened a new chapter of CCG Hongqiao strategy.

Ma Yun once said at a global conference of women entrepreneurs: "Men only make businesses bigger and bigger, while women can make businesses better and better." It is reported that 35% of Alibaba founders, 34% of senior managers and 52% of company employees are women. It can be said that women have become a particularly important role in the workplace, and female managers becoming more popular has become a new trend in China's workplace.

Since the establishment of CCG, all the achievements are the crystallization of CCG people, which cannot be separated from the efforts of every CCG person and of course, the efforts of two female managers, Chairman Shirley and VP Joan. Over the past decade, CCG has grown into a group of more than 600 people. Every year's performance is very gratifying, and both of them are highly respected by employees.

At this annual meeting, Sun conveyed the theme of "trust" to the staff: "Trust is the cornerstone for CCG to establish customers and many social collaboration relationships, so everyone should be reliable people."


Shirley Sun, Chairman of  CCG Group

Shirley Sun, as the founder of the group, besides adjudicating major issues of the group, mainly manages the overall development plan and external work of the group. In her view, CCG does not want to be an ordinary advertising company, but to integrate all kinds of high-quality resources related to cross-border brand communication and marketing, to create a one-stop solution for customers. In order to achieve this initial intention, Shirley Sun strives to plan for the group, grasp and control the medium and long-term strategic planning and development path of CCG, judge and predict the trend of the market and industry.

Although CCG has been growing continuously, for many years, in order to maintain long-term exchanges and cooperation with those partners who need one-stop service, Shirley Sun has always insisted on direct and good communication with most customers, striving for and maintaining numerous customers and resources, and to make CCG become a major benchmark in the industry.


And for the group's culture and technology, she is also forward-looking. In addition to the Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Branches, she also made the decision to settle in Toronto before. She helped the group to improve its post-production and 3D animation technology to the international level substantially, and also made outstanding contributions to the Chinese cultural industry going out and introducing.

Trust, the soul of simple management, is essential to success in business. So in Shirley's opinion, trust is not only the requirement presonality, but also the most important requirement of the group in terms of personnel and management.

Shirley trusted Joan very much. They had a clear division of labor, high-quality management and a concerted effort to cooperate both inside and outside, which made the whole environment of CCG good and full of hope. The perfect management of the two partners also convinced the employees of CCG.



Over the years, Joan Ren has not only dealt with the daily affairs within the group seriously, but also carefully managed the employees of the enterprise. She knows that CCG exists not only because of the existence of CCG people, but also because every CCG people's efforts. Therefore, Joan Ren pays attention to cultivating the learning spirit and self-discipline of employees in their work, and strives to train every CCG staff to meet the needs of customers. At the annual meeting, Joan Ren emphasized that every employee of CCG should make CCG take a more down-to-earth development path in the environment of economic development resistance.


At the same time, as a learning group, CCG hopes that all departments can change the traditional KPI assessment thinking, so she has personally interpreted and publicized the OKR working method for employees to OKR optimize the quality of employees' work.

Regarding the management of employees, Joan Ren do not use the traditional rigid dogmatic management methods, but encourage every employee to not let them set limits on themselves, and support them to pay their minds unreservedly, to show their talents, to truly realize their own value. 

Moreover, with Shirley's support, Joan devoted great efforts to and supported the establishment of the group's "trade union" this year, so that CCG, a simple marketing and communication organization, became an emotional container with various stories. This allows employees to have an emotional feedback window under negative emotions and high pressure. Such a militarized system combined with humanized management will certainly improve the overall combat effectiveness of the group.

We work hard to make dreams come true. This is not only the slogan of CCG, but also the slogan of women managers in this era. CCG's "Heroines" has supported the group with their great leadership and personality charm. It is believed that they can also be an excellent example to encourage more women to strive to promote social progress.