CCG Moved To Hongqiao and Set Sail With A New Strategy!


In the romantic October, CCG Shanghai Headquarters is about to move!

For further development and employee's high quality working environment, CCG will officially transfer to Shanghai Hongqiao Huatai Center soon. As the largest comprehensive transportation hub in the world, Shanghai Hongqiao is leading the time-space economic circle with the "rail-land-air" trinity. CCG will usher in unlimited opportunities.

CCG was founded in Shanghai in 2002, and this year is also the 15th anniversary of CCG. This year's relocation will be another milestone in the group's 15-year development process. It is reported that the CCG's relocation to the new headquarters building is not a simple displacement, but is of great significance in many aspects.

On the one hand, the new headquarters building of CCG adopts the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, which can be called the Intelligence Building. The building is centered on "Ancient Ginkgo Biloba Cultural Square". It is laid out through three connecting layers of culture, health and knowledge. It is close to riverside landscape belt, ecological experience belt and dynamic commercial belt. It forms an open space for harmonious coexistence of natural landscape and public buildings. The design of office environment of group building also takes the health and well-being of employees as the primary consideration factor. It pays attention to enterprise dynamics, psychology, leisure and nutrition, and presents as an aggregate of N+1 lifestyle content.


Therefore, the group will be improved in both hardware and software environment in the future and the staff's office environment will be more intelligent and healthy. "Every employee in this building can work freely and live happily, and here will be the Home of every CCG person." Chairman Sun Guijuan said.


On the other hand, the group has locked the large-scale location of the building in Hongqiao, which is an outstanding and far-sighted measure. In this way, it takes into account the needs of the Metro stations, business districts and customers, and realizes the diversified functions of enterprise collaboration, independent office, learning and social interaction; moreover, in Hongqiao District, it can not only make CCG closer to the core customer groups around Jiading, but also rely on its connecting role in the Yangtze River Delta region to obtain more business opportunities, which can better prove the future vision of CCG, connecting with the world, as well as the vision of building a new and more viable 4A Group in line with the market economy.

More importantly, the relocation will be the starting point of CCG's new strategy in the future. CCG can transform from the previous focus on serving high-end automotive industry and financial industry only, to one-stop marketing for customers in a wider range of industries and fields. The Group intends to put all the customers, media, talents, technology and resources accumulated in its new strategy for the future, and to strive for the goal of building "the most influential local company in China's advertising industry" in the market economy environment.

Cross-border innovation to move forward; Relocation is to continue excellence. For CCG, the new headquarters building will not only be the image building of the group, but also the spiritual building supporting the staff. New environment, new starting point, new journey, I hope CCG people can continue to write a new colorful chapter in cross-border integrated marketing!