Learning and Innovation are the Key to Creating Humanized Enterprises


In September, Ma Yun announced Alibaba's succession plan in an open letter, saying that Zhang Yong would take over the chairmanship of his board in a year. Ma Yun said, "This is not a sudden decision, but a deliberate one. I have been preparing for this plan for ten years." In Ma Yun's eyes, Zhang Yong is the successor who can think like Ma. Like himself, he pays attention to the problems of innovation, corporate culture learning and inheritance of large-scale enterprises, which are exactly the key factors determining the development prospects of enterprises, and also an important embodiment of the humanization of enterprises.

In Shanghai, an enterprise that also pays special attention to innovation and learning as the key corporate culture has been trying to bring into play the two characteristics of "learning ability" and "innovation ability" with its actions.

Humanized enterprises make employees feel warmth


Almost every enterprise is carrying forward the enterprise's humanistic construction. In addition to the culture, the focus is on "people", that is, employees. A humanized enterprise knows how to deepen the emotion and cohesion between the enterprise and employees, managers and employees, and can stabilize the talent team of the enterprise.


If you can't be Dong Mingzhu who builds houses for employees, you can be a good boss who insists on making benefits for employees. It is understood that CCG has done quite well in caring for employees' lives, which reflect the basic level of the company's humanization.


The overall working environment of CCG is very beautiful, comfortable and full of artistic flavor. As a company focusing on creative marketing, CCG's office environment reveals creativity, fashion, art and feelings everywhere. It was also the scene of the TV series My First Half of Life, and the new headquarters building relocated in Hongqiao is an ecological community like garden.


On the other hand, in CCG, besides the flexibility of daily working hours, entertainment benefits, employees can also continuously harvest surprises from the group. For example, every month at the collective birthday party, the group will specially design small surprises; in every trip, employees can not only feel the different scenery around the world, but also can easily learn a lot of things on the way; At the same time, the group also created badminton clubs, football clubs, yoga classes, dance classes, health care services of traditional Chinese medicine, so that employees can relax after work. Physical and mental health, adhere to healthy exercise.

Learning team is an example of striving for the top


A good enterprise should be able to devote itself to building a learning organization and core competitiveness with advanced management concepts for a long time. In this regard, CCG has also done a very outstanding job:


CCG is good at guiding and stimulating the learning ability of young employees. It not only focuses on training excellent employees, but also provides free learning platform for some elite employees, including staff training opportunities and overseas learning opportunities. In business, the group supports everyone to work together as a team. In the team, everyone can learn from each other and grow together with the enterprise.


In the "Reading Club" activities, CCG members can share their stories with books, excel in communication and learn from the collision of ideas. In 2017, CCG was awarded the title of "Building Learning Best Practice Enterprise" by Fandeng Reading Association.


The more advanced learning management concepts like this, the more able employees of the company are to move up the slope of life in such an atmosphere.

Innovative culture is the source of continuous development of enterprises


Too many people want to transform the world, but very few want to transform themselves.


The global market is undergoing a digital transformation. The marketing boundary is being reconstructed constantly. The business model of traditional advertising companies is challenged by many factors. Under these pressures, it also puts forward unprecedented high requirements for the adaptability and agility of advertising companies. Innovation has always been a source and driving force of enterprise development. If advertising companies want to achieve good development, they must always remember the word "innovation".


CCG attaches great importance to innovation. It hopes that its employees are innovative and their work is innovative. Every employee's work style and content can be handled flexibly and innovatively by themselves.


With passionate employees and loving team, a series of creative marketing ideas have been collided, which bring perfect service to customers and unique experience of deep memory to audiences. For example, Lamando of SAIC VOLKSWAGEN - The Key was awarded Creative and Attractive TV Advertising Runner-Up of Hong Kong Bauhinia International Award.


In the environment of Lamando brand search fever declining and users' purchase intention weakening, CCG finds the relationship between car and people and arouses the resonance of the target audience. This idea not only strengthens the image of Lamando brand's young personality, but also provides more target audiences for all channels. 

CCG has won many heavyweight awards by virtue of many excellent innovative service cases, and has become the leader of automobile advertising and marketing companies. In recent years, our country has issued the call of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" to encourage and promote everyone to release their vitality in the market economy environment, which has aroused many young people's enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. 

In CCG, Shirley Sun , chairman of the board of directors, is very supportive of employees' innovation and entrepreneurship. In order to encourage employees to fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams, in addition to providing entrepreneurial guidance and related support, she also provides entrepreneurs with multiple opportunities for internal entrepreneurship and provides umbrellas, such as the establishment of coffee brand shop in the new building, and unified hardware support for it. Sun said: "I hope that employees can have their own business in CCG, which carries the dreams and future of everyone."


Such a "learning + innovative" enterprise as CCG, with the humanized way of learning and motivation, enables employees to find the meaning of work in the big family. Such an enterprise will eventually meet the needs of enterprise development in this era.