CCG one-stop service: insight into the new model of automobile marketing


Relevant market surveys show that the market scale of digital marketing in China's automotive industry has been growing steadily in recent years. The market size is expected to reach 14.5 billion yuan this year. Quest Mobile 2008 automotive digital marketing research report shows that in the past year, the number of planned-car buyers has been declining, and the competition in the automotive industry has been intensified. Therefore, how to improve marketing efficiency, how to solve the marketing problems prevalent in the industry professionally, and how to conduct integrated marketing in an all-round way will become the competitive advantage of automobile marketing companies.


Recently, the annual Chengdu International Auto Show has opened as a feast for the automotive industry, in which the MG auto show of SAIC is particularly prominent, giving young people a new experience of "hormone". Its booth construction, online and offline operation and management team can be described as very splendid. It is understood that CCG (Shanghai Cross Communication Group Co., Ltd.) who is deeply engaged in automobile brand marketing services is in charge of this exhibition.

CCG Group, a small company with only a dozen employees in 2002, has grown into a large 4A company with more than 500 employees for over ten years, and has operated in five places, namely, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Toronto. Such a perfect transformation is approaching the dream of Sun Guijuan, the excellent founder of the group, "to build the most influential local company in China's advertising industry".


Cross-border integration becomes a new trend of automobile marketing

With the popularity of the Internet and the continuous innovation of business models, the era of traditional preaching to customers in marketing circles has gone, and people have stepped out of the cross-border pace. The essence of "cross-border" is integration. At the level of automobile brand marketing, multi-channel and full-mode integrated marketing with digitalization and scene as the main line have the best opportunity nowadays.

For automobile marketing, it pays more attention to multi-sided and cross-border integrated marketing. To do this kind of marketing, enterprises all hope to integrate strategy, communication, specialty and resources, so as to make marketing services more refined.

New Santana, in order to convey its "Live Earnestly" brand attitude and prepare for landing sales, carried out a very perfect cross-border integrated marketing: from the emotional point of view, through MV, graphic and H5 creative advertising, not only social marketing is made to have "empathy" and "sense of substitution", but also the target audience can have a sympathetic experience through "empathy". In the form of MV, combined with the second deduction of network celebrities, the use of self-media KOL and the joint with Changba to hold a singing contest, the brand attitude of "Live Earnestly" of New Santana has been conveyed, and the emotional resonance has been triggered... This marketing campaign has become an excellent practice case of multi-channel and multi-resource integration, which runs through brand strategy, digital marketing, social communication, film and television production and media delivery, and truly achieves a flexible and free one-stop cross-border integration service, and the marketing team behind it is also from CCG.


Only through professional deep ploughing in the field of automobile can  marketing be more outstanding

The harder you work, the luckier you will be; the more professional you are, the more outstanding you will be. There is no lack of marketing companies in the automobile market, but deep ploughing and intensive research. A professional automobile marketing company should be able to extend the coverage of used cars, spare parts, after-sales service, financial insurance and other related fields in addition to the core business of the vehicle, have professional, accurate marketing strategies and keen market insight, and be able to create a higher premium for automobile brand customers.


High volume and lasting popularity of popular car brands like Tiguan L, Phideon, Teromont, Skoda, SAIC Maxus are inseparable from a professional marketing program.


In May this year, All New Lavida of SAIC Volkswagen was officially launched. As a brand integrated marketing service provider of All New Lavida, CCG upgraded and created a more quality, differentiated and diversified content and marketing pattern for the launching of All New Lavida in terms of marketing methods and communication channels, aiming at subdividing users' differentiated interests and creating a new price for brand change with unique characteristics for products. CCG was more forward-looking in this launching meeting, grasping the trend of the market in advance, inviting phenomenal popular KOL, and combining with innovative stage presentation forms, creating borderless mutual assistance, sharing and creating a closed-loop integrated marketing of O2O, always leading the trend of the industry.

As one of the “25 digital marketing companies you have to know in 2017”, CCG has also won many honors for its professional marketing cases.


Is automobile service marketing more important than automobile marketing?

As a middle-high-end consumer goods industry, the automotive industry is very focused on the marketing effect. If the final result does not make car sales possible, it is failed marketing. Only through the test of marketing can we know the marketing effect.

"We do one-stop marketing services. We don’t do any showy but not practical works but only do practical ones." In the view of Chairman Shirley Sun , this is her attitude of leading CCG in marketing.

Traditional marketing concepts are market-oriented, while service marketing concepts are service-oriented. Enterprises should pay more attention to users' feeling in the whole process of enjoying the services provided by products. A good automobile marketing should be able to help customers transform their brand, product and service advantages into obvious competitive advantages.

After the Two-Child Policy came out, many families are inclined to Touran L, which has a high cost performance. As a leading model of MPV market suitable for families, during Touran L's launch, CCG carried out creative animation marketing for Touran L with Minions from "Despicable Me 3", maximizing the topic of content, bringing more vitality to the brand, effectively enhancing the user's liking for products, and also in line with the young, modern trends and family buying guide. Obviously, this is a successful and effective automobile marketing.

In this new era of automobile industry marketing, the joint efforts of enterprises are even more needed. The group has always insisted on the initiative, and strived to move forward, with the marketing method that conforms to the temperament of this era, to do the best one-stop service of automobile marketing, and to continue to cultivate in more industries and fields.