Build an Internally and Externally Quality Team


“Choosing projects should follow three basic elements: industry competitiveness, product competitiveness and team competitiveness. Of these three factors, team is the most important one”, said Xiong Xiaopigeon, Godfather of Investment.

Not long ago, many well-known teams demonstrated to people that every project and goal cannot be achieved without teamwork, and every company hopes to have an all-conquering high-quality team.

From December 3 to 4, the CCG Activity Business Department Ⅲ came to the beautiful Mogan Mountain. The team building process was very interesting, including cooking contest, BBQ dinner, After Party with multi-round games and lottery draw. Every member of the team gave full play to their strengths and appreciated the harvest and beauty in the process of team building.


The team building is specially organized by the Group in order to further consolidate the essential spiritual qualities of the team. CCG attaches great importance to the building of high-quality teams. The group has several different departments, all working in a team-by-team manner.

So how does CCG build these quality teams?

Internal talent, team full of possibilities is the trump card

CCG is like an exclusive University for advertisers. Each CCG team has some wise managers and experienced colleagues, who will train young talents for the team from the aspects of thought, spirit, and professional knowledge.

In terms of ideological and spiritual aspects, every team has a clear understanding: the group needs an efficient team, and the individual and team should be coordinated. The best CEO achieves his dream by building a team. Even Michael Jordan needs his teammates to play together.

Everyone in the team knows clearly their role in the whole. A clear division of labor is like a football team. CCG encourages teams to have a healthy and lively team spirit, strong creativity and innovation, mutual trust, respect and loyalty, because an ideological team with these qualities will be a team with many possibilities.

Almost every CCG team leader will give guidance to the coming rookies in professional knowledge, help them solve various problems, and let them adapt and grow up quickly in the team. The most needed in a team to learn professional knowledge is the mentor. At the same time, CCG also arranged Fandeng Reading Club and internal training and sharing meeting for employees to form an atmosphere of learning enterprises. These show that the group values and cultivates the knowledge of its employees. In such a corporate culture, gradually embarking on the "uphill road" of life is expected.

External training experience, make every team a model of marketing service

As a comprehensive service 4A international advertising agency with integrating creativity, planning, production, agency and publication, CCG's planning team, activity team and marketing team can accumulate external practical experience from each service.


CCG team hosts many brand launches every year. This year's success includes: Skoda Kamiq Beijing Auto Show, Skoda KAROQ Launching Fair, All New Lavida Hangzhou Launching Fair, Volkswagen All New Passat and Tharu Kunming Launching Fair, Dearcc ENOVAT Guangzhou Auto Show and so on. CCG won the Efficiency Award (Gold Prize for Effective Communication) with the case of All New Lavida, which is the third Gold Prize CCG has won for four consecutive years.


No matter how difficult it is, the CCG team will rehearse before the actual battle to exclude all unexpected possibilities and bring a real sense of security and trust to every customer. For customers, it is lucky to hand over the project to such a team. And the joint efforts and cooperation between the team and the group also give the outside world such trust in CCG: CCG is the best service provider in the field of automotive integrated marketing.

Group travel can gather vitality

For both enterprises and employees, team building activities have far-reaching significance. It not only helps to cultivate team spirit, strengthen the centripetal force and cohesion among members, but also stimulates the sense of responsibility of team members, injects more energy and vitality into the work, and better guarantees the efficient operation of the team in the future.

CCG organizes different forms of team building activities every year. One of the easiest forms is outing travel. Each time, different teams, different expectations, different scenic spots, different destinations: Kyushu, Phuket Island, Saipan, Yazhuang, Chiang Mai, Thailand, Singapore... In addition to enjoying the beautiful scenery on the way, CCG team is also in a relaxed and lively atmosphere, deepening exchanges and communication between each other, ensuring better cooperation between each other in the future; at the same time, learning culture and knowledge can enrich experience. Even occasionally encounter auto exhibitions in other countries, which have accumulated a lot of experience for themselves.

Next, CCG will continue to focus on high-quality team building, shaping team values, cohesing the strength of each team, promoting the continuous development of the group, to truly realize the spirit: "make dreams come true".