CCG: Increase the integrated marketing of middle-high-end cosmetics and actively develop multi-field


In addition to continuing to do marketing for the automotive industry, CCG will continue to increase the integrated marketing of middle-high-end cosmetics in the future, and put it into the new strategic development of the group.


As far as China's current market environment is concerned, with the development of domestic economic environment and the improvement of national income level, people's consumption consciousness has gradually risen. The demand of Chinese people for cosmetics is increasing, whose market growth space is very large. According to Euromonitor data, the market size of cosmetics and nursing industry in China reached 361.6 billion yuan in the whole year last year, and the growth rate rose by 9.6%. This also reflects that the major brands in the current cosmetics industry are increasingly in need of high-quality marketing.

CCG has been marketing automobile brand for more than ten years, and has accumulated a lot of resources, technology and marketing strategies, so it is full of confidence to deepen the marketing field of cosmetics industry. At the Dearcc launching meeting of Guangzhou Auto Show, I believe that CCG's high-quality marketing and service capabilities have made many people take notice.

Use high-quality marketing technology and strategy to escort the rise of brand

In terms of marketing technology, CCG takes digital marketing as its main way and customer experience as its starting point to innovate, and strengthen the brand. CCG takes the market as the center, starts from the consumer's insight, realizes interaction and interoperability, and establishes the brand digital marketing ecosphere. At the same time, in addition to the necessary technical and technological means, CCG's marketing team also shows the relevant marketing content through Weibo, Wechat, short video, H5 and other forms on the network platform.

The chief executive of Online Optimism, a digital marketing agency, once said, "Digital marketing makes enterprises closer to consumers, more conducive to promoting their products and increasing turnover rate." So the ultimate goal of digital marketing is to help enterprises increase sales and make more money.

In terms of marketing strategy, CCG, who is well versed in integrated marketing, has been working hard. In the tide of the Internet, traditional marketing has been unable to meet the brand that wants to rise today, and marketing means need to be more diversified, so relying on integrated marketing to build high-end brand is an important means of facing market competition. CCG uses implementation measures matching strategic operations through product planning, channel planning, marketing promotion and service support.


Use "good quality" to launch the combat of cross-border integrated marketing online and off-line

CCG has good experience in this area: online, take Skoda Kamiq's launching social communication this year for example, CCG marketing team first used TVC movies to connect the creative content of the "MI" element with the product name and deepen the impression of consumers; then cooperated with popular short video platform Tick Tock to enhance the volume through the participation of netizens; and then created a topic on Weibo, then broadcast the creative H5, to match the young people's vision with the true feelings; finally, enhance the young people's sense of participation through the network live broadcasting activities.

Off-line, it is necessary to mention the recent Dearcc launching meeting, which integrates the CCG marketing team's concept of cross-border integration: on the evening of November 13, the first luxury electric SUV of Dearcc's high-end brand ENOVATE was officially launched at Guangzhou Auto Show. The whole process of the event was planned and served by CCG's excellent team. Not only is there a perfect stage design, science and technology intelligent interactive area, but also CCG has carefully designed the tea break experience area for customers. It is a cross-border blend of CCG's coffee brand C Caffee and florist brand Mr Flower. Both brands show CCG's corporate culture of pursuing "good quality". Among them, C Caffee is a coffee brand that CCG unified equipment support and staff raise. In the future, CCG will rely on the excellent brand resources of C Caffee and Mr Flower to serve more marketing cases in different fields. It is also possible to broaden the scope of C Caffee and build a brand that can meet the needs of modern business and fast-paced life.



Generally speaking, this conference perfectly demonstrated the new power and brand concept of ENOVATE, which has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. At the same time, this event is an excellent marketing case for CCG to realize the whole offline service system in an all-round way. Process planning, activity design, operation modules, all of these are fully covered. It can be said that this cross-border integrated marketing has basically gathered all the marketing elements and methods, and truly achieved the goal of "providing one-stop activity solutions".


Solve the difficulties of brand marketing in cosmetics and other areas by integrated innovative marketing

As a matter of fact, CCG has already started marketing services in other different industries. For example, CCG has achieved good results in brand marketing for a well-known cosmetics brand before. CCG leaders believe that: "Cosmetics brands cannot blindly pursue sales volume and ignore marketing quality. To solve many current marketing problems that only achieve sales promotion but not focus on brand promotion, the most effective solution is integrated marketing and innovative marketing".

There are some excellent domestic cosmetics brands. Why do they lose to foreign well-known brands such as Lancome, Estee Lauder, L'Oreal? A large part of the reason is that brand marketing innovation is not enough. CCG has always advocated innovation, insisted to do both quality and interesting on marketing cases, adhered to the real needs of customers, and then comprehensively promoted the promotion of brand sales. Innovative network marketing, socialized marketing, quasi-positioning marketing of market segmentation and emotional marketing with consumers as the core are all successful.

In the future, CCG will expand its marketing business in more fields and become the most active 4A integrated marketing service company in pursuit of breakthroughs.